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Cheyenne Lentz from the Insider looks at “7 ingredients in your skin-care products that are making them so expensive” and interviewed several skincare experts to find out the most expensive ingredients you should look out for on the labels of your favorite skin care products.

These include Jasmine flowers, which for instance is great for sensitive skin, anti-aging and acts as an excellent moisturizer. But on the other hand 125 pounds of petals to make one ounce of oil have pumped the price up pretty high, Dr. Michele Green explained.

Other expensive options are truffles and caviar, the latter containing arginine for building protein (found in caviar for instance). “Arginine is first converted in the body to a chemical called nitric oxide, which opens your blood vessels and increases blood flow,” mentions Dr. Green, which helps rejuvenate skin.

The cost comes to you because of the fermentation process required to produce it. White Truffles can also increase costs, and while good for hyperpigmentation, can bring up the costs of a product. You can find white truffle in masks, eye creams, moisturizers, and serums.

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