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Which Instagram Hair Tips are Fact & Fiction –

Dr. Green and discuss a range of options for maintaining a healthy scalp, which most know is a key part of hair health.  In today’s article “Fact or Fiction? Here’s Which Instagram Hair Growth Tips Are Actually Worth Trying” on Shape Magazine, Dr. Michele Green states, “On average, there are about 100,000 hair follicles on the scalp, each producing a single strand of hair. Research has shown that poor scalp health, characterized by clogged hair follicles, dead skin cells, dry skin, and lack of circulation, can lead to weak and brittle hair, hair breakage, and dullness.”

She also explores other common questions about hair care such as whether to wash hair less or more, if weekly oil treatments make a difference and if Silk Pillowcases Are best for your hair.  And while some factors depend on one’s hair overall, she does note that “silk pillowcases can promote hair growth and prevent breakage, as they do not absorb moisture like cotton pillowcases, allowing the hair to retain its natural moisture, causing less breakage. The smooth texture of silk pillowcases also creates less friction against your hair than cotton pillowcases, decreasing the risk of tangles.”

summer hair

Several myths are dispelled though, but in many cases “it depends” on your hair and often comes down to finding a holistic, comprehensive approach to hair care.  Find out more about common Insta tips about hair care and see which ones are fact vs fiction at

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