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Dr. Green is featured in Woman’s World today where she talks about how to check your risks of skin cancer on the scalp.  Common causes include having a family history of skin cancer, fairer skin tones and sun exposure.  But it can be tricky to spot, especially if you have thick hair. “Early detection of skin cancer is crucial, as it can significantly increase the chances of successful treatment and reduce the severity of the treatment needed,” Dr. Green says in the article.

A dermatologist such as Dr. Green can check for skin cancer on the scalp as part of your annual skin exam. But between those exams, you can also use a comb to part your hair and examine your scalp in the mirror, since wherever you usually part your hair is the most vulnerable section of your scalp since it sees the most sunlight.  That said, skin cancer can pop up anywhere, so repeat the process over your entire scalp. “run your fingers through your entire scalp to feel for any raised, firm, crusty or scaly growths.”

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“The scalp is not an area we typically think of when we think about skin cancers,” however one’s scalp is perfectly positioned to absorb the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. “Our scalps are directly exposed to the sun, especially for individuals who are bald or have thin hair.” It’s also a common place where people forget to apply sunscreen, hence the increased risk.  Wearing a hat can also combat this somewhat too.

Learn more at How to Spot Skin Cancer on the Scalp (Hint: Your Hair Stylist Can Help) + 4 Ways To Cut Your Risk

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