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Should you Pop a Pimple or Pick a Pimple? Murad & Dr. Green

Despite the popularity of YouTube videos doing nothing but this, or the temptation when it reflects back at you in the mirror, “Popping a pimple can cause inflammation and irritation which slows down the healing process” says Dr. Green in “Pimple picking and popping 101: Here’s what you need to know.”

There are certain cases where you might succeed such as with a white head. “This indicates that the pus is close to the skin’s surface and ready to come out,” Dr. Green says, but notes not to skimp on cleanliness – wash your hands and clean underneath your fingernails with soap and water before popping a pimple. Get the pores dilated prior such as after a shower, but for better results, using a pimple patch is a safer and effective alternative to popping a pimple. “Pimple patches absorb drainage from pimples and ensure that bacteria cannot come into contact with it,” Dr. Green also notes in the article.

how to zap a pimple overnight


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