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Harper’s Bazaar & Dr. Green Talk About Best Serums of 2024

Dr. Green talks about recommendations for serums in “10 Best Growth Factor Serums To Put Your Best Skin Forward” today at Harper’s Bazaar.  This includes growth factor serums, which are relatively new to the beauty world. Dr. Green mentions that while they have yet to be studied for their efficacy or long-term effects, results from short-term research seem pretty promising.

“While a typical serum may only act on the outer or inner layers of the skin, growth factor serums work on a cellular level,” she explains in the article.  “The growth factors act as messengers within the skin to increase cell signaling and promote healing and growth.”  She looks at various serums, including plant-based ones that use hyaluronic acid to help nourish the skin and a wide range of brand names.  But note that when picking your serum, don’t mix and match – “It is important not to simultaneously use hydroxy acids or Vitamin C, as acids can deactivate the growth factors.”

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