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What To Expect During A Dermabrasion Treatment & Popular Alternatives, Featured in Byrdie

Dr. Michele Green was featured today in Byrdie’s article titled “Dermabrasion Gives Your Skin a Major Overhaul–Here’s What You Need to Know” where Dr. Green notes that dermabrasion can result in an overall more radiant, even skin tone and texture. Dr. Green was also quoted in “The 5 Best Antiperspirants for Sweat” where she mentions “for the best results and highest level of protection against sweat, it’s important to use the form of antiperspirant that works for you.”


The first feature talks about What to Expect During a Dermabrasion Treatment as well as other skin resurfacing treatments that don’t require anesthesia, require little downtime, and have minimal side effects such as Fraxel and Vivace.

Read the two articles at and

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