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What is Skin Cycling? Dr. Green Talks About The Latest Trend

Like a fitness regime or other daily/weekly/intermittent routines, not one size fits all.  And in the article “Skin Cycling Is The Latest Beauty Trend You Need to Try” at – Dr. Green talks about Skin Cycling, which is often referred to as a four-day cycle, but “skin cycling” can also happen every few days or weeks, rather than changing every day for four days. “Skin cycling refers to a type of skincare routine that involves using active ingredients on certain days, followed by ‘rest days,'” explains Dr. Green in the article, where she notes how “Skin cycling consists of a four-day cycle and refers to nighttime skincare routines.”

How might a skin cycling plan work?  “On night one, a chemical exfoliant is used to remove dead skin cell buildup and deeply cleanse the pores,” she says. “On night two, a retinoid is used to stimulate collagen and skin cell turnover for anti-aging benefits. Nights three and four are ‘rest days,’ allowing the skin to recover using gentle products focused on hydration, nourishment, and repair.”

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Find out more about Skin Cycling and read the full article at

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