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What is a Minimalist Skin-Care Routine? Find out with Dr. Green & Everyday Health

“Minimalist skin care is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a skin-care routine that is simple and easy to follow,” says Michele Green, MD in today’s article on Everyday Health that is titled “Everything You Need to Know About a Minimalist Skin-Care Routine” and takes you through the three key products, Cleanser, Moisturizer & Sunscreen for the face.

everyday health

Find out what to look for if you have acne-prone skin, and what else might work with various skin types or minimize reaction.  Dr. Green also mentions that “Sun protection at an early age sets the stage for beautiful skin later on in life.”  Getting the right routine is important of course, as “Switching your skin-care products too frequently most definitely reduces the overall benefits, because you’re not allowing the product to work on your skin cells to maintain or reach the full, maximum effect.”


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