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Myths About Sunburning – Interview With Readers Digest

There are many misconceptions about Sunburns. For example, many say that the first sign of a sunburn is pink skin, but this is not the case. In fact Dr. Michele Green was asked about this, and while pink skin is an obvious and early sign, but “you can have a sunburn long before your skin becomes visibly pink,” says Dr. Michele Green MD. “In fact, the first sign you may be getting a sunburn is that your skin will start to itch and feel hot.” Other signs can include thirst, skin tenderness, and tightness, and having your skin turn white when you press on it.

Another Myth is that eating foods like tomatoes and strawberries will prevent sunburn. “Strawberries contain vitamin C and tannins, which are beneficial to sun protection, and tomatoes contain high amounts of lycopene, which is known to protect the skin from UV damage,” says Dr. Green. “But while eating them may offer some natural sun protection, it shouldn’t be a reason to skip the sunscreen.”

Find out about this and other sunburn myths, such as tanning beds, use of SPF’s and times of day at and learn about the true causes of sunburn.

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