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Succinic Acid Explored on Well + Good With Dr. Green

If you have suffered from acne you might well have tried a wide range of different products and ingredients to try to clear up your skin. One ingredient is getting more popular for acne is succinic acid since “succinic acid contains antimicrobial properties that have been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for causing acne breakouts,” as Dr. Michele Green notes in the article on Well + Good.

woman applying cream to face

Well + Good have explored the benefits of succinic acid and have talked to Dr. Green to learn more how this can benefit the skin and which products might work best for you, as well as how it might work well with other ingredients, for example – “for acne-prone skin, succinic acid can pair well with salicylic acid; just be sure to introduce it slowly into your routine to prevent irritation.”

Read the full article featuring Dr. Green at, “Succinic Acid Is the Little-Known Acne-Fighting Ingredient That Rivals a Retinoid—And It Won’t Irritate Your Skin

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