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Skin Conditions, Skin Care & Face Washing Discussed on

Dr. Michele Green was featured multiple times this week on

First on “Four Skin Conditions That Become More Common as You Age” she explains the most common skin conditions that can get their start later in life, from adult acne to eczema and Rosacea where Dr. Green notes that some women dealing with rosacea may experience dryness or irritation around the eyes and nose as well.

woman examining face

In addition to that, she is also quoted on “This Is What Every Step of Your Skin Care Routine Actually Does for Your Face” where she talks about the top skin care products for all parts of your routine, from moisturizer to eye cream, because “the first step towards great skin is putting together a skin care routine.”

She also discussed Skin Rejuvenation at “These Beginner In-Office Dermatological Treatments Will Rejuvenate Your Skin” where Aquagold, Chemical Peels, Clear + Brilliant Laser and other dermal fillers are explored. She notes the variety of chemical peels available and how “they are best for those who have have a rough or dull texture, acne scarring, or sun damage.”

Last but not least, two Dermatologists, including Dr. Green answer the question “Do You Really Need to Wash Your Face Twice Per Day?” with advice on what to use and what not to use.

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