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What Is a Scalp Treatment? Common Causes & Problems

There are numerous causes of scalp problems. Rodan and Fields discussed many of them with Dr. Michele Green. From Seborrheic dermatitis to Contact dermatitis, Folliculitis & Dry / Oily Scalp, she talks about common causes and potential solutions – plus whether to be concerned in the first place.

“A little oil on the scalp is nothing to be concerned with, as sebum is vital in protecting and supporting healthy hair,” Dr. Green explains. “However, too much oil can lead to your hair and scalp feeling greasy or dirty. The oil glands may produce too much sebum if they recognize that the scalp is dry, which can happen when you overwash your hair, stimulating sebum production to hydrate the scalp. An oily scalp can also be attributed to a genetic predisposition.”

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She also looks at some of the best products to treat scalp problems and you ran read the full list at

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