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Well+Good ask Dr. Green “Can people with eczema use retinol?” in an article today.  She is quoted various times in the piece and notes that “Retinoids are a derivative of vitamin A and have been known to treat acne by preventing dead cells from clogging pores, this reduces the chance for bacterial accumulation and therefore, clears acne and reduces future breakouts. Retinoids also boost cell turnover, fight free radicals, and increase collagen growth, which prevents aging and improves our skin’s overall appearance.”

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The article looks at how to properly use retinol, for those suffering from eczema flare ups and how OTC products can work with your skin too. In fact, if your skin fares well after a few weeks of use, Dr. Green says you can use it more frequently and/or transition to a higher dosage retinoid.

View the full “5 Retinol Products That Are So Gentle, Derms Say You Can Even Use Them With Eczema” article and find out more at

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