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Preventing Thigh Chafing & Skin Lightening Alternatives

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Dr. Green was quoted in two articles this week, first on Dermstore for “9 Natural Brightening Alternatives to Hydroquinone” where she notes that “Hydroquinone is one of the most researched and studied lightening agents, but can cause severe irritation and hyperpigmentation if not used correctly.”

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What else can be more irritating?  Well Thigh Chafing is a candidate, as per the article “Thigh chafing is annoying AF—here’s how to prevent it” in Hello Giggles. Dr. Green says in this article that thigh chafing “occurs as a result (of) too much movement resulting in friction between the thighs,” If you notice you experience thigh chafing after you work out, Green says you’re probably not wearing the right workout clothes. Your workout clothes should be made from a material that can absorb moisture, and they shouldn’t be too restrictive.

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