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With a lot of stores and locations now enforcing the wearing of face masks to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, one of the negative aspects of having to wear a mask on a regular basis is that it can increase the likelihood of an acne breakout. One of the main reasons for this is that the mask can trap moisture and debris close to the skin pores which can then clog up and in turn, result in an acne breakout.

For medical professionals who already wear masks on a regular basis, this has been a long-term issue which is well known. As this problem has now become more main stream it has been nicknamed, “maskne“. The good news is that there are a number of things that you can do to help reduce the changes of experiencing an acne breakout cause by wearing a face mask.

person wearing face mask

The Parade web site has talked to Dr. Green and some other health professionals to glean some advice on how to firstly prevent maskne and if you’re suffering from an outbreak, what you can do to clear it up. The good news is that an acne breakout is far from inevitable, if you follow the best practice advice given in the article.

Take a look at the full article on the Parade web site, titled: “Dealing With Maskne? Dermatologists Give Their Best Advice for Squashing Those Mask-Related Breakouts“.  (above image: source – Pexels)

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