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LifeHacker Talks About How To Find The Right Botox for You

From reading and researching to asking your doctor what they think, Lifehacker discussed the process of finding the right Botox injections for your needs at “How to Get Exactly What You Want at a Botox Appointment” this week where Dr. Green was quoted several times, such as when citing that “Patients should consult an expert in cosmetic injections and discuss what specifically bothers them and which areas of the face they wish to have treated. I always sit with a new patient and give them a mirror so that we can look at the areas of the face together and decide on the best treatment plan.”

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And yes, timing is key, as she also notes “It is also best not to have injections right before a big event or party. It is best to have your cosmetic injections of Botox and dermal fillers one month before any important event.” Find out more and various tips to finding the right Botox solution for you at LifeHacker today.

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