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InStyle Explore Anti Aging Serums & Hair Thickening With Dr. Green

When it comes to choosing anti-aging products, most people would be happy if they could just find out what would help them maintain their youthful looks as long as possible. There are a lot of different products available that suggest that they can do this but this raises the question – which one is best?

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InStyle have talked to Dr. Green about anti-aging serums and are looking at a new product that people are talking about, CocoKind Vitamin C Serum.

Take a look at the article on InStyle, “People Are Experiencing the “Fastest Results They’ve Ever Seen” With This Anti-Aging Serum.”  Later on in the week she also looked at Hair Strengthening products such as “Klorane Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray” at “This Hair-Thickening Spray Fills Out Thin Hairlines Within Weeks.

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