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Insider Explore Body Moisturizers, Skincare Products & Lotions With Dr. Green

Most of us know that moisturizing the face keeps the skin healthy, but not all of us use that routine on the rest of the body, which can be a mistake. If you’re looking to improve your skin all over your body, then using body lotions and moisturizer creams is a great idea. This raises the question, what are the best skincare products out there for your body?

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Insider magazine have talked to Dr. Green to get her recommendations on what to look out for when choosing a moisturizer or skin lotion. She also talks about French Skincare products and brands too – referring to their “less is more” approach, “allowing the skin to undergo its natural processes of healing and regeneration rather than aggressively exfoliating it.”

Check out the articles, “The 14 best body lotions and moisturizers, from drugstore staples to cult-favorites” and 17 cult-favorite French pharmacy skincare products you can buy online in the US on the Insider web site.

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