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Do Those Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplements Really Work?

Thanks to Emily Alford at Greatist for featuring Dr. Michele Green on her article about hair skin and nail supplements and gauging how effective they really are.

These supplements are meant to primarily supplement the vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids we get from our diets to keep hair, skin, and nails healthy.  Dr. Michele Green notes that “the ingredients in supplements all work in conjunction with one another to provide the nutrients essential for healthy cell regeneration.”

“Biotin strengthens the hair and increases its density,” Green says. “Fish oil makes hair and nails shiny and is a great anti-aging supplement, as the omega oils found in fish oil stimulate collagen production and overall appearance of the skin.” These vitamins can help reduce acne and fine lines potentially, while “Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which helps us fight free radicals, brightens the skin, and stimulates collagen production.”

Of course, the risk is that these supplements aren’t heavily regulated by the FDA, and so it is possible to be misled if you do not do your research.  Dr. Green advises – “You want to be sure the label says they’re 100 percent natural and list all-natural ingredients with no synthetic fillers.”

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