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11 Acne-Fighting Ingredients you need to know about were featured today in Hum Nutrition. Dr. Green is quoted for noting how Sulfur is a worthy ingredient to prioritize (so long as you don’t mind the typically strong odor). “Sulfur is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial acne-fighting skincare ingredient that is ideal for sensitive skin,” and “It is a gentle mineral often incorporated into cleansers, masks, and spot treatments to regulate oil production.” However, due to potential dryness from the ingredient, be sure to follow up with adequate hydration and moisture.

She also talks about Hypochlorous acid and Hydrocolloid patches and how they are “a moisture-absorbing dressing that can be applied to a pimple as a spot treatment,” Dr. Green explains. “The patch absorbs the sebum and oil, flattening the lesion.”  She also answers questions about Succinic acid and how it is water soluble and that “Dioic acid kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces sebum production.”

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