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Dr. Green Featured On Instyle Talking About Facial Steamers

It seems that there are an endless supply of new beauty products that come out onto the market each month. The question is how can you pick and choose the best for your skin and what to use in the first place? According to Dr. Michele Green in today, facial steaming helps to clear your pores for a deeper cleanse. “The main benefit is that the steam softens your skin which makes it easier to remove dirt, sebum, and blackheads,” she says and notes that pores can stretch when clogged.

For steamers, once or twice a week for a few minutes is enough – as “this will also help promote collagen and elastin production which will keep your skin looking soft and youthful.”  However do note that “facial steaming is not recommended if you have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.”

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Check out the article on Instyle here and find out some of their top choices overall for Facial Steamers

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