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Dr. Michele Green was featured in both Self & LiveStrong today. On – she discussed “What to Do When Your Skin Is Freaking Out From Retinol.” It needs to be something gradually used, Dr. Green noting that one should “Start retinol slowly applying twice per week and then gradually adding another day until you have built up tolerance for daily use.” In addition to that, stop using it if any adverse reactions occur. For example, “If the skin starts to crack and you have open lesions which are oozing, you should definitely stop using the product and see your dermatologist. Also, if you develop a rash, this could mean you are having an allergic reaction to the product.”

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With LiveStrong Dr. Green was one of several expert dermatologists interviewed about celebrity skincare methods such as how some change their skincare routines on a regular basis, or how men might use products typically marketed for women. Like us non-celebrities though, various key factors hold true, such as staying hydrated.

“The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it needs hydration in order to look and feel its best,” notes Dr. Michele Green. “Increasing your water intake will definitely decrease dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.”

It is also fine for guys to use products typically marketed for women. “Men can absolutely share their wives’ products and sunscreen,” says Dr. Green. In fact we see many male patients call us after seeing how well various treatments such as Botox, Thermage, Fraxel and chemical peels have worked on their wives!

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