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Does Sunscreen Cause Acne? Effects of Sunscreen on Acne on The Wellnest

With summer in full swing, a common question is about how sunscreen can affect the skin.  Does it cause acne? Does it make existing acne worse?  Dr. Michele Green dispels all myths on the Wellnest with Hum Nurtition, noting that while some types of sunscreen can clog pores or irritate certain types of skin, ditching sunscreen completely would be a much worse option, as not only does it contributes to long-term skin damage, but can also make your acne’s lifecycle worse.


“For example, if you have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from acne or acne scars, these marks will get much worse and darker from sun exposure,” Dr. Green warns.   However, Dr. Green also recommends what to look out for if you do have acne prone skin, for example, to decrease the likelihood of clogging your pores, look for an oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen.

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