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Today, there are so many different types of piercings available. Traditionally a person might only get a single earlobe piercing and be done with it. Now, people are showing their individual personality by getting a whole range of different types of ear piercings. People can now get multiple earlobe piercings, snug piercings and industrial bar piercings, just to name a few different types.

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Byrdie have talked to Dr. Green to find out all you need to know about getting snug piercings and industrial bar piercings. Snug piercings, are also called anti-helix piercings. As the name suggests this type of piercing goes through the anti-helix, and this is considered quite a painful type of piercing.

Alternatively, industrial bar piercings, look like a mini-barbell that goes through two holes through the upper ear area. Traditional earlobe piercings have always been considered fairly straight forward if done correctly, although there is a chance of infection if not carried out hygienically. However, these modern piercings types are more complex and you need to know more about them before you decide to have them. Luckily, the Byrdie articles featuring Dr. Green can help provide this information.

You can read the first article, “The Complete Guide to Getting an Industrial Bar Piercing” and the second article, “What to Know Before Getting Your First Snug Piercing” on the Byrdie site.

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