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AskMen Ask Dr. Green About Overdoing It With Your Skin Care

askmen looked at how Men are caring more about their skin, but could they be overdoing it? In “8 Warning Signs You’re Overdoing It With Your Skin Care” they interview Dr. Michele Green about skin tightness, for example “If your skin feels tight after cleansing, your cleanser may not be pH-balanced,” and does more harm than good for your appearance. She adds: “Using products that disrupt the skin’s pH balance can cause your skin to feel this way, and maintaining pH balance aids in cell renewal and collagen reproduction.”

Dr. Green also talks about the overuse of sunscreen, acne care products and how fragrant products can be the cause rather than the solution. “Small blisters are an indication of contact dermatitis or an allergic reaction to the products you are using,” says Green.

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