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Adult Acne Treatment, Sunday Riley Talk Hormones, Diet & Stress

Yes it may be because we are getting more and more conscious of our skin as we age, but in today’s article “Why Dermatologists See More Adult Women for Acne” – Dr. Green is asked about common causes and strategy for ones Skincare, Makeup and Haircare and how its been exacerbated by the pandemic. Dr. Green notes that “Because of Covid, people went online and bought random things they may not have used before,” and the products weren’t right for them, or they didn’t know how to use them properly.”

acne asian skin treatment

In the summer months especially, sunscreen can be another culprit. Women are good about their sunscreen (they’re twice as likely to slather on than men) but don’t always choose non-comedogenic ones. This combined with summer sweat can be a recipe for acne, in fact “I see tons of acne from sunblock,” she says. While in other cases it can be due to diet and hormones, it can also be because they didn’t attend to it in their youth whether out of fear or budget.

Read the full piece at and learn more about Adult Acne Treatment here.

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