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Popular Celebrity Dermatologist Treatments

While once a secret between those in the spotlight, celebrities are now much more open about their dermatology treatments. Here we take a look at some of the most common ones being used by actresses, models and more.

Oxygen Facials

Big celebrities love facials as it makes their skin look and feel younger and more beautiful. Some of the most popular facials include the Oxygen facial. Facials gained notoriety because of actresses such as Kim Kardashian and models like Bar Rafeli. Some types of facials use your own blood to extract the Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. Through a microneedling process, the PRP is injected and infused back into the skin to renew and rejuvenate. Oxygen facials involve gently exfoliating the skin and diffusing serums into the skin via a stream of pressurized oxygen. The result is “dew-kissed”, beautiful, glowing skin. Naomi Campbell gets Oxygen facials before bed, loves how clean and refreshed her skin feels. The treatment hydrates the skin immediately, making the face appear smoother and plumper. Many starts combine Oxygen facials with microdermabrasion treatments. By removing the top layer of the skin and infusing in the serums, you deliver an even better facial with younger-looking skin. Gweneth Paltrow is said to have weekly microdermabrasion treatments to leave her skin immediately smoother and brighter.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

Non-Surgical Body Fat Reduction and Skin-Tightening

Before stars take it all off for the camera, they disrobe for their dermatologist. Dr. Green starts with radio frequency technology, namely Thermage, to tighten loose skin right away. Thermage has a unique patented technology which tightens the skin with only a single ninety minute treatment. The skin tightening results of Thermage lasts up to two years. Dr. Green combines Thermage with CoolSculpting, a fat-freezing device which treats neck fat, belly bulges, love handles, buttock rolls, arm and leg fat, and back fat. CoolSculpting takes approximately 35 mins to 75 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Many celebs have gotten Coolsculpting like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Molly Sims to maintain their fit bodies. The results of Coolsculpting are visible after just one treatment and celebrities love that!

Vanquish ME (Maximum Efficiency) is another non-invasive solution for fat reduction and can treat multiple areas in a single session. Vanquish uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and high-tech sensors to detect the fat levels in your body and deliver a customized level of energy to heat and destroy your fat. Ashley Alexiss, the plus size model, recently had Vanquish performed. Celebrities and models love these treatments since they work and have no “down time” so that no one has to know!

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“Baby” Botox

“Baby” Botox does not mean for children! It means a small or “baby” amount naturally placed in the face so as no to look “Botoxed”. Many stars want to hide the fact they have Botox from the public. Botox is derived from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. Botox prevents and helps reduce wrinkles on the forehead, glabella and crow’s feet. Kelly Ripa is known for getting Botox around her crow’s feet which she says makes her eyes look more “open” on television. Simon Cowell loves his Botox and gets it done twice a year. The best way to inject Botox is to inject “baby” Botox, which are small amounts of Botox, into the desired facial areas. That way you have a “natural result” which is in line with Dr. Green’s “less is more” philosophy.

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Submental Fat Reduction

Kybella is a new injection, from the makers of Botox, to dissolve the stubborn fat under the neck and your “double chin”. Kybella is derived from Deoxycholic acid, which is a natural ingredient in your stomach that destroys fat. Kybella works by destroying fat cells in the area where it is injected. It is currently FDA approved for the fat under the chin, to dissolve the “double chin”. This procedure is long term and most patients require 2 to 4 treatments to dissolve the fat, depending on the size of their submental fat. Khloe Kardashian recently had Kybella injected into her neck to reduce the fat under her chin/neck and the additional skin tightening effect that results.

Another non-surgical procedure to reduce the fat under the neck, which many celebrities are turning to, is the Cool Mini. The Cool-Mini is Coolsculpting designed specifically for the neck. The procedure takes about 50 minutes and patients often see results within 4 months. Since there are no needles and no scars and no surgery, celebs can sneak off to the doctor and have this procedure performed in less than one hour and no one has to know!

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Zit Buster

When young starlets still have occasional acne breakouts they need something quick to help with the inflammation. That is where a quick cortisone injections of trichloroacetic acid, or TCA and V-Beam laser comes into play. The injection is a diluted cortisone shot, which helps shrink down the pimple. TCA is a chemical which many dermatologists use for acne and helps exfoliate the top layer of your skin. Kim Kardashian admitted to getting cortisone injections for stubborn zits. The V-Beam removes any residual redness from the acne within 24 hours with absolutely no “down- time”. Starlets love this quick procedure as it helps gets rid of those acne breakouts almost immediately.

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Quick Combination Laser Treatments

Before the red carpet or big events, actresses and pop stars call on their dermatologist to rejuvenate their skin. Dr. Michele Green uses two lasers, each with different wavelengths. The Clear & Brillant laser helps replace damaged skin with healthy, younger looking, glowing skin, remove brown spots, shrink pores, and stimulates collagen production to reduce line lines and and give your skin an immediate glow. The V-Beam laser reduces redness, promotes new collagen, and smooths out wrinkles. Courtney Cox recently admitted to getting Clear & Brillant for that instant glow for the red carpet. Some stars stop in the morning of an event as part of their red-carpet prep to rejuvenate their skin right before the big event.

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Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is huge in Hollywood. The Sciton BBL laser may be done the same day to instantly tighten the face and neck. Many stars combine the BBL for skin tightening the same day as an Oxygen facial because you have instant natural and radiant skin. For an effect that lasts a year, five monthly treatments are best. Thermage is another top secret of celebrities for skin tightening.

With the new CPT technology, Thermage is done yearly to replace lost collagen and naturally tighten the skin without a facelift. Since the results take four months to see, the procedure has to be planned in advance but with no “down time” and can be done at any time without the paparazzi knowing!

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Hand Rejuvenation

Lately celebrities want their hands to look as youthful as their face. Dr. Green personally uses two different fillers for this purpose – Radiesse and Restylane. Radiesse is made of calcium based microspheres and Restylane is composed of hyaluronic acid. Both fillers can be injected into the hands to help with wrinkles and volume loss. Actors and models love this procedure since the skin on the hands ages just as quickly as the face and neck. Kris Jenner was recently spotted in California with slightly swollen hands and was said to have Radiesse injected for healthy, younger looking, hands.

Brown spots or sun spots on the back of the hands are also a big concern and are very aging. Dr. Green performs both the Fraxel and AlexTrivantage lasers on the hands to target brown spots, fine lines, and textural irregularities. The overall result are younger looking, more beautiful hands.

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Lip and Facial Fillers

Celebrities love to enhance their beauty which is what makes them a star. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner had Juvederm injected into her lips to make them fuller. Cindy Crawford who is known for aging flawlessly, admitted to getting dermal filler to enhance her beauty. She says she has been getting fillers since she was 29 years old. Khloe Kardashian also has had fillers done on her cheek bone area and lips as well. Volbella is the newest lip filler to be used to remove wrinkles and add subtle volume to the lips. Voluma, Radisesse, and Sculptra, all add needed volume to the face to give beautiful cheekbones and jaw line. Dr. Green combines these fillers for injection in her Upper East Side office to give her patients a natural younger-looking look.

To find out more about all the options above, contact Dr. Green online today or call 212-535-3088 for more information or to book an appointment. New York City board certified dermatologist Dr. Michele S. Green offers a range of advanced skin care techniques to help you look your very best.

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