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Baby Botox is the Best Way to Baby Your Face in NYC!

Dr. Michele Green has been injecting Botox and “making NYC more beautiful one patient at a time “ according to Dr. Max Gomez.  After filming a segment on “How Botox Saved My Life” where Dr. Green explained how many patients have skin cancer but are completely unaware of it and come to her NYC office for Botox or other cosmetic indications.

Dr. Green has perfected this area in Botox because she has found too many dermatologists have looked too “frozen”.  Most patients now understand that the best Botox is one that doesn’t look like you were injected!  Dr. Green injects “baby Botox” –where small amounts or units are injected in multiple areas of the brow, forehead, or around the eyes.  By putting smaller amounts more often, a more natural effect is developed and ultimately maintained.  Frequent use of Botox creates a background which actually prevents new wrinkles from forming!

The effects of Botox generally last 3 to 6 months.  Dr. Green will frequently bring patients back for a “touch-up” of their Botox to create these more natural looking results.

Apart from Botox, Dr. Green also combines these treatments in her NYC office with dermal fillers such as Belotero under the eyes for tear trough hollowing or the mini-Fraxel Clear & Brilliant to brighten and rejuvenate sun damage and fine lines.

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