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Kybella is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, for men and women, at the NYC-based office of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green. Introduced by Allergan, which produces Botox and Juvederm, Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable used to target fat cells under the chin and dissolve them. Many patients, both men and women, are bothered by submental fullness, also known as submental fat or a “double chin.” Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, if fat has accumulated under the chin, it cannot be easy to contour the neck and jawline without the help of a cosmetic procedure. Many of us feel self-conscious about the accumulation of submental fat, which can make us appear heavier or older. Previously, the only available cosmetic procedure to address the stubborn fat cells under the chin was liposuction, a highly invasive treatment performed by plastic surgeons with significant recovery time. With the FDA approval of Kybella in 2015, Dr. Green’s patients now have a safe and effective non-invasive fat reduction method with no downtime.

Kybella has become an extremely popular cosmetic injection to dissolve submental fat cells, the double chin, and fat cells in other areas of your body, including bra fat and abdominal fat. Ever since Kybella was first approved, Dr. Green has been using the product on stubborn fat pockets in several areas of the body to great success. Fat cells can quickly accumulate in areas such as the abdomen, banana roll, bra fat, and knees and be very stubborn to treat without invasive liposuction procedures. However, with Kybella injections, no incisions are needed, and almost no recovery time is involved.

Dr. Green was one of the first New York physicians to incorporate Kybella into her boutique Upper East Side, Manhattan, private dermatology office. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Green is an expert in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including Botox, Juvederm, laser treatments, dermal fillers, and Kybella injections. She performs these expert injections daily in her New York City cosmetic dermatology practice. Dr. Green ensures that all patients experience top-quality care and has been consistently voted one of the best doctors in New York City by Super Doctors, Castle Conolly, The New York Times, and New York Magazine.

How does Kybella work to get rid of your double chin?

Submental fullness, also known as a double chin, occurs when fat cells accumulate under the chin. This fullness under the chin can lead to a less defined jawline that can emphasize the appearance of sagging and heavy jowls. Luckily, Kybella is a non-invasive treatment to eliminate the double chin and contour the jawline. Kybella is a synthetic form of naturally occurring deoxycholic acid, a chemical in your gut that dissolves dietary fat. When used in the Kybella injectable treatment, deoxycholic acid dissolves the fat cells in the treatment area to reduce stubborn pockets of fat under the chin. Once the deoxycholic acid breaks down the membrane of the fat cells, the body’s natural metabolizing processes eliminate the fat, leaving patients with a slimmer, more contoured look to the chin and jawline.

AM 6 months before and after 4 Kybella MGWatermark

Who is a good candidate for Kybella treatment?

Patients who are good candidates for Kybella injections are the patients who are bothered by their “double chin.” The first consideration to see if you are a good candidate is the degree of submental fat, which is the amount of fat under the neck. If excess fat is under the chin, this more significant amount of fat can be reduced with Coolsculpting first. The CoolMini is a special Coolsculpting adaptor designed to treat the neck area. Coolsculpting will decrease the fat in the size of the neck, or any area treated, by 25% per treatment. A second treatment of Coolmini in the same site can reduce fat cells by over 40%. Once the amount of submental fat has been reduced, Dr. Green will inject Kybella into the submental area and permanently treat the remaining fat cells under the chin.

The perfect candidate for Kybella treatment is someone with moderate submental fat. A study in 2015 conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) found that 67 percent of patients were bothered by their submental fat, the fat under their neck. Many patients do not want an invasive procedure, like liposuction, and prefer the accessibility of a noninvasive method to correct this chin fat and treat the double chin.

If a patient has high skin laxity (loose skin) in the neck or submental fullness in the chin area, then Kybella injections alone may not be sufficient. A combination approach may be best with Thermage for skin tightening or a nonsurgical neck lift to give you the desired cosmetic results. Kybella treatment may also be combined with Botox injections of the neck cords and other cosmetic treatments, such as Fraxel laser, Vivace, or microneedling, to help improve the skin texture of the neck and face.

Where is Kybella injected?

Kybella is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment for eliminating the double chin, or submental fullness, by dissolving fat cells with the active ingredient deoxycholic acid. The fat-dissolving cosmetic treatment is designed and approved for injection under the chin and along the jawline. It works wonders at contouring the jawline for a slimmer, more youthful appearance. An expert injector, such as board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green in NYC, may use Kybella to eliminate stubborn fat in other body areas, like the knees, bra fat, banana roll, abdomen, and inner thighs. The use of Kybella in these areas is considered an off-label use of the injectable, meaning that Kybella is not officially FDA-approved for injection into these body areas. Many clinical trials are performed during the FDA approval process to determine treatment efficacy. While Kybella has not had clinical trials to prove its effectiveness in other body areas, board-certified dermatologists with injection experience know it is still safe and effective to use in those areas.

kybella grid

What is the process for Kybella treatment?

The process of Kybella treatment for the double chin is straightforward and effective. An in-person consultation is necessary to evaluate the neck, chin, and jowls area. Photographs are taken for your personal patient record to document your treatment results. If you are a good candidate for Kybella injections, a topical numbing cream, a topical pain medication, is applied 45-60 minutes before your treatment to the site of injections. After the area is numb, the site is cleaned with alcohol and prepared for Kybella treatment.

A grid is placed to mark the treatment site of the submental area, and Kybella injections are placed uniformly into the location of the fat cells. The deoxycholic acid will have an enzymatic reaction at the injection site for the fat cells to dissolve. In this manner, the Kybella injections will cause the area to swell as the area is being treated. Kybella swelling is an indication of the process working and is an expected side effect of Kybella treatment. Ice packs will be applied to the treatment area immediately upon completion of the injections to help with initial swelling.

What are the side effects of Kybella?

The side effects that are involved with Kybella treatments are all temporary. The following are common side effects from Kybella injections:

  • Swelling – occurs commonly at the treatment area from Kybella injection
  • Bruising – localized bruising can occur at the injection site. Dr. Green recommends patients avoid any blood thinners, including aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E, or supplements, for one week before their Kybella treatment.
  • Pain at the localized site of injection
  • Burning or redness in the treatment area
  • Nodule or hard skin in the treatment area
  • Numbness at the site of injection
  • Nausea

Rarer side effects that have been described are:

  • Throat or mouth pain
  • Hair loss in men in the treatment area
  • Skin tissue damage (necrosis)
  • Infection or sores at the site of injection
  • difficulty swallowing or eating
  • Submandibular nerve irritation – If the injection is not placed in the appropriate anatomic location, the submandibular nerve may be irritated, and a temporary droop may occur.

How long does Kybella swelling last?

Many patients ask, “How long does swelling last after Kybella,” and the answer is: it depends. Every patent is unique, but the downtime, characterized by swelling, typically lasts about five to seven days. The swelling typically lasts up to one week. It is characteristically the most noticeable after the first treatment session when the most significant amount of fat cells needs to be dissolved. The swelling, an expected inflammatory reaction, can also vary based on the amount of Kybella injected into the treatment area. Each subsequent Kybella treatment will cause less inflammation and, in turn, less swelling.

Why does Kybella cause swelling?

The swelling from Kybella injections results from the enzymatic reaction whereby the active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, dissolves the fat, and this reaction, in turn, causes swelling and inflammation. This swelling is an expected and necessary part of the Kybella treatment process. Typically the swelling is moderate and lasts less than one week. Rarely, the swelling can be quite significant with a “bullfrog” appearance and can take up to a month to resolve.

How long does Kybella Bullfrog last?

It is rare to have significant swelling from Kybella injections, described as a “bullfrog” appearance. The first treatment with Kybella injections will typically produce the most swelling since the most significant amount of fat is generally treated during this time. The peak swelling after Kybella injections typically occurs one to two days after receiving the injections and resolves within a few days. Any side effects, such as swelling or minor bruising at the injection site, will subside independently.

How to reduce swelling after Kybella

Several activities and medications can help to reduce swelling following Kybella injections, which can be easily done at home. After receiving Kybella injections, Dr. Green recommends icing the treatment area to minimize any swelling. Ice packs are best when wrapped in a towel before being applied to the skin, as a direct application of ice can cause irritation or burns. Patients should also keep the treatment area elevated, which can be accomplished by sleeping upright at night, reducing swelling in the treatment area. Medications are also available to keep the swelling down, such as the antihistamine Cetirizine, available over the counter.

How to hide the swelling from Kybella injections

Kybella injectable treatment helps to slim the submental area, erasing the double chin and contouring the jawline. However, swelling is a common side effect of the treatment as the active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, destroys the excess fat cells in the area. While swelling occurs several days post-treatment, patients may be looking for ways to hide the swelling. The first thing to do will be to decrease the swelling by icing the treatment area, keeping it elevated while you sleep. A turtleneck or light scarf can also conceal any swelling during the winter.

How long will I be swollen after Kybella?

Most patients will experience some swelling after receiving Kybella injections, as the reaction between the active ingredient deoxycholic acid and the fat cells in the treatment area results in inflammation. As such, minor or moderate swelling at the injection site is one of the most common side effects of the treatment. The severity and amount of time that swelling occurs varies from person to person. Still, most patients will experience the swelling peak a few days after treatment and resolve entirely in less than one week. Some patients may experience swelling for up to four weeks post-treatment. Patients undergoing swelling should wait for their next Kybella injection until it subsides.

How many treatment sessions are needed for Kybella?

Most patients require multiple Kybella injection sessions to achieve the best cosmetic results. Typically, it takes three to four sessions to eliminate the appearance of mild to moderate fat pockets in the submental area. Patients may require up to six sessions for other areas of the body where fat accumulation is more severe. With multiple treatments necessary, sessions will occur four to six weeks apart. The number of sessions and the space between sessions vary based on the individual results of each patient, which Dr. Green will take into account when creating a treatment plan and schedule.

smb kybella thermage before after 4months RIGHTb MGwatermark

How to reduce Kybella swelling fast?

When patients ask how to lessen Kybella swelling, several ways exist to help resolve the post-Kybella swelling more quickly.

  • Cetirzine – Some patients benefit from taking the over-the-counter antihistamine, Cetirizine one day before and one day after the Kybella injections. The antihistamine can help mitigate some effects of this localized swelling.
  • Ice-cold compresses should be applied to the treatment area to reduce swelling. Ice should not be applied directly to the skin to avoid a burn to the skin.
  • Sleeping upright – It is helpful to sleep upright with two pillows to help reduce swelling.
  • Salt intake – Salt intake should be reduced to avoid any additional swelling.
  • Chin/neck wrap – Some dermatologists recommend a chinstrap to help with swelling while the patient sleeps.
  • Lymphatic massage of the treatment area
  • Medrol dose pack – oral steroids can help mitigate swelling or inflammation from Kybella injections.

Does ice help Kybella swelling?

Ice can help treat the side effects of swelling from Kybella injections. The swelling is an associated and expected part of the procedure. However, applying ice packs to the treated area for the first day will minimize swelling in the treated area.

How much is Kybella in NYC?

When performed by an expert injector like Dr. Michele Green, Kybella treatments are approximately $1500 per area session in NYC. There is huge patient satisfaction with Kybella injections in permanently treating these fat cells and removing the double chin.

How bad is Kybella swelling?

Predicting the degree of Kybella swelling in each patient is not possible. Some patients have minimal swelling that resolves in several days; others can have considerable swelling and take more than a week to resolve. In general, the worst node is typically from the first treatment of Kybella and lasts about five days. Since swelling or bruising can occur, Dr. Green recommends not having Kybella injections, like any cosmetic injectable, immediately before a special event or party.

How long should I wait between each Kybella treatment?

It is best to wait 4 to 6 weeks between each Kybella treatment and always wait until all swelling or symptoms have resolved before your subsequent treatment.

How many vials of Kybella are needed to treat the double chin?

When treating mild to moderate submental fat, also known as a double chin, most patients require two vials of Kybella per treatment session. The number of treatment sessions and the exact number of vials necessary for each patient is determined by Dr. Green based on each individual’s aesthetic goals and needs. If the pocket of submental fat is particularly full, Dr. Green may recommend using the CoolMini to “debulk” the fat area before using the Kybella injections. After your initial consultation with Dr. Green, she will provide more information about your individualized treatment plan.

How long after Kybella will I see results?

After each Kybella treatment, fat will be reduced in the treated area, with up to 25% of the fat cells eliminated with each injection of Kybella. With each subsequent treatment, the results continue to improve. Most patients will achieve optimal results after three to four treatment sessions. However, each patient is unique, and the effects may vary from person to person. Dr. Green provides individualized treatment plans for each patient to reach their aesthetic goals and may combine Kybella injections with other treatments, such as Thermage for skin tightening or dermal injections, to achieve the best results. Patients with a great deal of submental fat might benefit from having CoolSculpting in the neck first to “debunk” the area, followed by Kybella injections to dissolve the remaining fat cells.

ah 33 kybella before after right MGWatermark

Male kybella patient before and after

Does Kybella really work? Is it permanent?

Yes. Kybella is a permanent procedure approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015. There is a huge patient satisfaction rate associated with Kybella injections. The number of treatment sessions depends on the area’s submental fat. Since most patients prefer not to have invasive plastic surgery, the rise of non-invasive cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Microneedling, laser hair removal, Thermage FLX, and Coolsculpting, continues to increase yearly. With the continued use of social media, Zoom, and Instagram, parents want to look their best in person and “selfies.” This is one more reason why Kybella injections have become even more popular.

How long is Kybella swelling a problem?

Swelling that occurs after receiving Kybella treatment is a common side effect that will resolve on its own within one week of receiving the procedure. While swelling may cause some discomfort, it is only temporary, and once it resolves, the treatment area will be slimmer and more contoured than before. The amount of time patients experience swelling at the injection site will vary from person to person, but most patients see a significant reduction in inflammation in one week.

How long for Kybella swelling to go down?

One of the most common side effects of Kybella injections is swelling, which can persist for one to four weeks. Patients can help the swelling decrease by icing the treatment area and keeping the treated area elevated. Typically, swelling is at its most intense in the first few days after the treatment and will decrease over time throughout the next four weeks. After every subsequent injection, the swelling should be less intense as fewer fat cells must be destroyed each time.

Where can Kybella be injected?

At this point, Kybella is only FDA-approved for use in the submental region or the area under the chin and along the jawline. Kybella can be an off-label treatment for bra fat and excess fat on the thighs and along the knees. Off-label treatment means that the treatment is not yet FDA-approved for that area of the body. However, an expert dermatologist, such as Dr. Green, knows that Kybella is safe and effective in that area when injected by an expert.

Who is a good candidate for Kybella injections?

An in-person consultation is necessary to evaluate the area of the jowls, neck, and submental fat. It is important to differentiate this submental fat from genetic or weight-related fat. Age, skin turgor, elasticity, weight, and sagging are all important parameters to be evaluated and reviewed before Kybella injections. Additional medical information will be reviewed with Dr. Green during your consultation and can be researched in my Kybella.

How long does it take for Kybella swelling to go down?

Many patients wonder, when does Kybella swelling go down? While the answer may vary from patient to patient, most find that the swelling from Kybella injections lessens after 5 to 7 days. Further, for most patients, the swelling that occurs after the injection becomes less severe after each subsequent treatment session, as less fat is needed to dissolve. Patients can reduce the swelling following the injections by using a cold compress, sleeping upright, massaging the lymphatic area where the injection occurred, or using a chin or neck wrap while sleeping.

What are the long-term side effects of Kybella?

Kybella injections are a safe and effective treatment with minimal side effects, which include swelling, bruising at or near the injection site, and mild soreness. These side effects typically resolve themselves within a week following the treatment. There is a very rare risk of more long-term side effects, including hair loss around the injection site. Four percent of subjects in the clinical trial had temporary, marginal mandibular nerve injury, which presented as an asymmetrical smile or facial weakness, which all resolved spontaneously. Two percent of patients in the original study exhibited dysphagia, which all resolved independently.

Can Kybella cause permanent damage?

No. While Kybella side effects are typically mild, the risk of developing more severe side effects increases when you seek treatment from an inexperienced injector. One of the potential side effects of Kybella is temporary nerve damage to the submandibular nerve, which can result in an asymmetrical smile or facial weakness. Inexperienced injectors are more likely to hit the nerve accidentally during the injection. That is why it is best to seek treatment from a board-certified, expert cosmetic dermatologist, such as Dr. Green in NYC.

Does the fat come back after Kybella?

Kybella is a permanent solution to submental fat accumulation as long as you maintain weight after your Kybella injections. The treatment works to eliminate fat cells at the injection site permanently; however, if a patient gains weight following their Kybella treatment, fat cells may once again begin to accumulate under the chin.

Why choose Dr. Green for your Kybella treatment?

It is best to consult with a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, like Dr. Michele Green, who specializes in cosmetic injections like Kybella injections. Dr. Green was one of the first NYC physicians to provide Kybella injections in her Upper East Side New York office to treat fat cells and the double chin permanently. Dr. Green will determine if you are a good candidate for Kybella and provide the best permanent fat reduction from Kybella injections. She will review the proper skin care and other laser and injectable treatments and devise a unique treatment plan for you.

Kybella, 1 treatment, 1 month post treatment

What procedures can be combined with Kybella to improve the neck contour?

Often Dr. Green combines skin-tightening lasers like BBL, Vivace, and Thermage with Kybella injections. Thermage will tighten the skin around the jowls and neck, while Kybella permanently destroys the fat cells. For patients with excess fat, Coolmini will be used first as a Coolsculpting treatment to reduce the fat in the neck. Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, and Fraxel laser treatments can all be performed with Kybella injections.

How do I get started with Kybella injections?

Kybella is an ideal cosmetic treatment for permanently eliminating a double chin without downtime. Stubborn excess fat cells in the submental area can be difficult to reduce without cosmetic intervention. Kybella works by dissolving the excess fat cells, contouring the jawline and chin area, and creating a slimmer appearing neck. An expert in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, Dr. Green will help with the best facial treatments, cosmetic injections, microneedling, noninvasive fat removal, and body contouring procedures. Since Kybella became FDA-approved in 2015, Dr. Green has been treating patients with Kybella injections with fabulous results. If you are looking to contour your jawline and reduce the appearance of submental fat, Kybella injections may be the best treatment for you.

Dr. Michele Green is an internationally renowned board-certified cosmetic dermatologist with over 25 years of experience in cosmetic injections. Dr. Green takes a holistic approach and embraces a less-is-more philosophy regarding rejuvenation, customizing each patient’s treatment plan best to suit their particular skin concerns and aesthetic goals. She is consistently voted as one of NYC’s best dermatologists by Castle Connolly, New York Magazine, Super Doctors, and the New York Times for her dedication to her patients and expertise. When you consult with Dr. Green, she will work with you to develop a completely customized treatment plan that provides you with optimal, natural-looking, long-lasting results. Find out more about Kybella injections and say goodbye to your “double chin” by contacting board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele S. Green to schedule an appointment or calling our NYC office at 212 535 3088 today.

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