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Kybella is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, for men and women, at the NYC based office of Dr. Michele Green. Dr. Green was one of the first New York physicians to incorporate Kybella into her boutique Upper East side private office. Introduced by Allergan, Kybella is the only FDA approved injectable which is used to target fat cells under the chin and dissolve them. Kybella is composed of deoxycholic acid which is a chemical that appears naturally in your gut and dissolves fat. Kybella is a synthetic form of this same deoxycholic acid, and is a safe and effective and way to dissolve the fat under your chin. Many patients, both men and women, are bothered by the submental fat, or their “double chin”.  Kybella has become an extremely popular cosmetic injection used to dissolve not only submental fat cells, but fat cells in other areas of the body, including bra fat and abdominal fat. No incisions are needed, just injections, and in general the recovery time is quick, with minimal swelling. Nowadays, most patients want to avoid visiting the plastic surgeon and undergoing an invasive procedure with a prolonged downtime.  Dr. Michele Green is an expert in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including Botox, Juvederm, laser treatments and Kybella injections and performs these expert injections daily in her New York cosmetic dermatology practice.

Who is a good candidate for Kybella treatment?

Patients who are good candidates for Kybella injections are this patients who are bothered by their “double chin”. The first consideration to see if you are a good candidate is the degree of submental fat, which is the amount of fat under the neck. If there is an excess of fat under the chin, this larger amount of fat can be reduced with Coolsculpting first. The Coolmini is a special Coolsculpting adaptor, which is specifically designed to treat the neck area. Coolsculpting will decrease the fat in the area of the neck, or any area treated, by 25% per treatment. A second treatment of Coolmini in the same area, can reduce the fat cells by over 40%. Once the amount of submental fat has been reduced, Dr. Green will inject Kybella into the submental area and treat the remaining fat cells permanently under the chin.

The perfect candidate for Kybella treatment is someone with a moderate amount of submental fat. A study in 2015, conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), found that 67 percent of patients were bothered by their submental fat, the fat under their neck. Many patents do not want to have an invasive procedure, like liposuction, and prefer a noninvasive procedure to correct this chin fat and treat the double chin.

If a patient has an excess amount of skin or skin laxity (loose skin), in the neck or submental fullness in the chin area, then Kybella injections may not be the best approach for you. In these cases of excess or loose skin, Thermage for skin tightening, or a non surgical neck lift may give you the desired cosmetic results.

What is the process for Kybella treatment?

The process of Kybella treatment for the double chin is straightforward and effective. An in person consultation is necessary to evaluate the neck, chin, and jowls area. Photographs are taken for your personal patient record to document your treatment results. If you are a good candidate for Kybella injections, a topical numbing cream is applied 45-60 minutes prior to your treatment, to the site of injections. After the area is numb, the site is cleaned with alcohol and prepared for Kybella treatment.

A grid is placed to mark the the treatment site of the submental area and Kybella injections are placed uniformly into the area of the fat cells. In order for the fat cells to dissolve, the deoxycholic acid will have an enzymatic reaction at the site of the injection. In this manner, the Kybella injections will cause the area to swell as the area is being treated.  Kybella swelling is actually an indication of the process working and is an expected side effect of Kybella treatment.

kybella grid

Potential side effects and swelling from Kybella

The side effects that are involved with Kybella treatments are all temporary. The following are common side effects from Kybella injections:

  • Swelling – occurs commonly at the treatment area from Kybella injection
  • Bruising – localized bruising can occur at the injection site. Dr. Green recommends patients to discontinue any blood thinners, including aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, or vitamin E, for one week before their Kybella treatment.
  • Pain at the localized site of injection
  • Burning or redness at the treatment area
  • Nodule or hard skin at the treatment area
  • Numbness at the site of injection
  • Nausea

Rarer side effects which have been described are:

  • Throat or mouth pain
  • Hair loss in men at the treatment area
  • Skin tissue damage (necrosis)
  • Infection or sores at the site of injection
  • difficulty swallowing or eating
  • Submandibular nerve irritation – when If the injection is not placed in the appropriate anatomic location the submandibular nerve may be irritated and a temporary droop may occur.

How long does Kybella swelling last?

Every patent is unique but the downtime, characterized by swelling, typically lasts about five to seven days. The swelling typically lasts up to one week, and is characteristically the most noticeable after the first treatment session, when there is the largest amount of fat cells which need to be dissolved. The swelling, which is an expected inflammatory reaction, can also vary based on the amount of Kybella injected into the treatment area. Each subsequent Kybella treatment will cause less inflammation, and in turn less swelling.

Why does Kybella cause swelling?

The swelling from Kybella injections are a result of the enzymatic reaction whereby the active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, dissolves the fat and this reaction in turn causes swelling and inflammation. This swelling is an expected, necessary, and expected part of the Kybella treatment process. Typically the swelling is moderate and lasts less than one week. Rarely, the swelling can be quite significant with a “bullfrog” appearance and can take up to a month to resolve.

How many number of treatment sessions are needed for Kybella?

It typically takes 3 to 4 treatments every four to six weeks to have the best cosmetic results from Kybella treatment, contour the jawline and dissolve the chin fat.

male 45 54 thermage kybella before after 1 1 MGwatermark

Kybella and thermage, before and after

How to reduce Kybella swelling?

There are a number of ways to help resolve the post-Kybella swelling more quickly.

  • Cetirzine – Some patients benefit from taking the over the counter antihistamine, Cetirzline, one day before and one day after the Kybella injections. The antihistamine can help mitigate some effects of this localized swelling
  • Ice cold compresses – Cold compresses should be applied to the treatment area to reduce swelling. Ice should not be applied directly to the skin, to avoid a burn to the skin.
  • Sleeping upright – It is helpful to sleep upright with two pillows to help reduce swelling.
  • Salt intake – Salt intake should be reduced to avoid any additional swelling.
  • Chin/Neck wrap – Some dermatologists recommend a chinstrap to help with swelling while the patient sleeps.
  • Lymphatic massage of the treatment area
  • Medrol dose pack – oral steroids can help mitigate swelling or inflammation from Kybella injections.

Does ice help Kybella swelling?

Ice can definitely help treat the side effects of swelling from Kybella injections. The swelling is an associated and expected part of the procedure. However, applying ice packs to the treated area for the first day will minimize the degree of swelling in the treated area.

How much is Kybella in NYC?

Kybella treatments are approximately $1500 per area session in NYC when performed by an expert injector, like Dr. Michele Green. There is a huge patient satisfaction with Kybella injections in permanently treating these fat cells and removing the double chin.

How bad is Kybella swelling?

Predicting the degree of Kybella swelling in each individual patient is not possible. Some patients have very little swelling and resolves in a number of days and other patients can have considerable swelling and take more than a week to resolve. In general, the worst swelling is typically from the first treatment of Kybella and lasts about 5 days. Dr. Green recommends not having Kybella injections, like any cosmetic injectable, immediately before a special event or party since swelling or bruising can occur.

How long should I wait between each Kybella treatment?

It is best to wait 4 to 6 weeks between each Kybella treatment and always wait until all of the swelling or symptoms have resolved before your next treatment.

How long after Kybella will I see results?

After each Kybella treatment, there will be a reduction of fat in the treated area. With each subsequent treatment, the results continue to improve. After 3 to 4 treatments of Kybella injections, the submental fullness is resolved and the double chin is gone.

ah 33 kybella before after right MGWatermark

Male kybella patient before and after

Does Kybella really work? Is it permanent?

Yes. Kybella is a permanent procedure and was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015. There is a huge patient satisfaction rated associated with Kybella injections. The number of treatment sessions depends on the amount of submental fat in the area. Since most patients prefer not to have invasive plastic surgery, the rise of non-invasive cosmetic treatments, which as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Microneedling, laser hair removal, Thermage FLX, and Coolsculpting, continues to increase each year. With the rise of social media, zoom, and instagram, patents want to look their best, both in person and in “selfies”. This is just one more reason why Kybella injections have become even more popular.

Who is a good candidate for Kybella injections?

An in person consultation is necessary to evaluate the area of the jowls, neck, and submental fat. It is important to differentiate this submental fat from genetic fat or weight-related fat. Age, skin turgor, elasticity, weight, and sagging, are all important parameters to be evaluated and reviewed before Kybella injections. Additional medical information will be reviewed with Dr. Green during your consultation and can be researched in my kybella.

Why choose Dr. Green for your Kybella treatment?

It is best to consult with a board certified cosmetic dermatologist, like Dr. Michele Green, who is a specialist in cosmetic injections, like Kybella injections. Dr. Green was one of the first NYC physicians to provide Kybella injections, in her Upper East side New York office, for the permanent treatment of fat cells and the double chin. Dr. Green will determine if you are a good candidate for Kybella and provide the best permanent fat reduction from Kybella injections. She will review the proper skincare, other laser and injectable treatments, and devise a unique treatment plan for you.

Kybella, 1 treatment, 1 month post treatment

What procedures can be combined with Kybella to improve the neck contour?

Often Dr. Green combines skin tightening lasers, such as BBL and Thermage with Kybella injections. Thermage will tighten the skin around the jowls and neck while Kybella permanently destroys the fat cells. For patients with an excess amount of fat, Coolmini will be used first as a Coolsculpting treatment to reduce the fat in the neck. Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, and Fraxel laser treatments can all be performed with Kybella injections.

How do I get started with Kybella injections?

Find out more about Kybella injections and say goodbye to your “double chin” by contact board certified dermatologist Dr. Michele S. Green to schedule an appointment or call 212 535 3088 today. An expert in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, Dr. Green will help with the best facial treatments, cosmetic injections, microneedling, noninvasive fat removal and body contouring procedures. 

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