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Kybella is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is gaining in popularity – but not just with females. More and more male patients are seeking out this cosmetic treatment too. Kybella in fact is ahead of the trend for cosmetic procedures amongst men overall, with males now representing 17% of the overall market – whereas on average, cosmetic procedures are 10% male patient based. Some doctors are even reporting up to 40% of their Kybella patients are now men.

How can Kybella work for me?

As one of the first cosmetic dermatologists in NYC approved to use Kybella, Dr. Michele S. Green has worked with a range of male and female patients of various ages. Originally known as ATX-101 and Deoxycholic Acid, Kybella is FDA approved and can dissolve fat areas in the neck and chin area.

The procedure is generally used for improving ones jaw line or double chin. And part of its recent popularity is its convenience. The procedure is quick and can be even done during your lunch break in our Upper East Side office. Treatments last around 15 to 20 minutes and side effects may include some swelling the day of the procedure and for a few days afterwards.

The injection of Kybella breaks down fat cells within the submental area. Patients see visible results in just two to four treatment sessions. The appointments are generally a month apart, though this varies with each case and should be discussed in advance with Dr. Green.

How is Kybella different for males than females?

The male patients will usually require a slightly higher dose of Kybella and/or more treatment sessions. In addition to that, male patients are more likely to have excess skin and thus may want to combine it with other procedures such as skin tightening via Thermage.

Overall, some patients may not be suitable for Kybella procedures. For example, smokers will not see optimal results, since smoking slows down the healing process. Other risk factors for Kybella are patients who have diabetes, poor skin quality and have used steroids. It is therefore important to discuss things in detail with Dr. Michele S. Green prior to receiving treatment.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

What does Kybella do for the “Double Chin”?

As shown in the before and after images above, Kybella helps reduce the double chin. Kybella has also shown to tighten the skin in the submental area. Dr. Green utilizes Laser Skin Tightening, Juvederm Voluma or Thermage to compliment Kybella injections.

Find out more about Kybella and see if this is the right procedure for you, create a more defined look and say goodbye to the “double chin” – contact us online today or call Dr. Michele Green’s NYC based office at 212-535-3088

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