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Facial dermal fillers are beloved in the world of cosmetic dermatology for their outstanding ability to provide natural-looking facial rejuvenation and structured contouring for patients of all ages. Dr. Michele Green is a platinum Allergan provider and one of the most reputable injectors in New York City, utilizing an array of dermal filler products to give her patients the best cosmetic results. Dr. Green was one of the first physicians in NYC to incorporate the use of Juvederm® Voluma XC injections into the customized treatment plans of her patients and continues to use it regularly as it has proven to be an optimal treatment option for correcting the appearance of facial wrinkles and loss of volume, cheek and chin augmentation, as well as for providing enhanced facial contour.

Juvederm Voluma XC was first available as a non-surgical injectable hyaluronic acid filler in 2005 in Europe. It was brought to the United States shortly thereafter and became FDA-approved in 2013. It is currently one of the most popular hyaluronic acid fillers in the Juvederm family. Juvederm Voluma XC was primarily created to restore age-related volume loss. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body, and almost half of the hyaluronic acid that is made in the body is found in the skin. This naturally occurring sugar in the body is formulated with Vycross technology by Allergan in order to create dermal filler products that lift and restore volume loss in the face. It is this unique Vycross technology which allows Juvederm Voluma XC dermal filler to create amazing, immediate, and natural results.

Juvederm Voluma XC is a technologically advanced formulation of hyaluronic acid that can be used on anyone who has developed fine lines and deep wrinkles, regardless of their skin type. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar complex found in the skin that promotes moisture retention within the skin, helps the skin appear supple and youthful, improves skin elasticity, and provides a healthy, radiant glow. As we age, our bodies produce hyaluronic acid at a decreased rate, and we cannot replace what is lost. By injecting a sophisticated hyaluronic acid dermal filler product into the skin, such as Juvederm Voluma XC, we can replace lost facial volume, enhance and contour facial features, and restore a more youthful appearance. With over two and a half decades of experience in cosmetic dermatology in New York City, Dr. Michele Green in NYC is an internationally renowned expert in dermal fillers, Botox, skincare, and facial rejuvenation. During your consultation with Dr. Green, you will have the opportunity to learn more about how dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma can be used to help you meet your aesthetic goals and look and feel your absolute best.

What makes Juvederm Voluma XC Unique?

As the cheek area becomes increasingly flat and hollow due to age-related collagen loss, volumizers composed of hyaluronic acid are often needed to sufficiently rejuvenate and restore the facial structure. Part of the natural aging process is the gradual loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the formation of fine lines and facial wrinkles, as well as deeper folds and a sagging appearance of the skin. The other factors contributing to facial aging are genetics, lifestyle habits such as smoking, sun damage, and environmental pollutants. The Juvederm family of dermal fillers was created by Allergan, the makers of Botox cosmetics, to fill this need for facial rejuvenation. One solution to facial volume depletion that offers immediate, painless results without the need for any downtime is Juvederm Voluma XC. In clinical studies, patients noted that treatment with Juvederm Voluma significantly improved their overall appearance and caused them to look younger. In just minutes, providers are able to restore lost facial volume for patients experiencing collagen loss. A fine needle targets the area of volume loss replenishes this lost facial volume, and contours the face. It is this immediate lift that is a truly unique effect associated with Juvederm Voluma XC injections.

SF 32 juvederm voluma 3w FRONT REV MGWatermark 1

Voluma 2 syringes, 3 weeks before and after

What is Juvederm Voluma used for?

Juvederm Voluma XC is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that has been FDA-approved specifically to restore volume loss in the midface and for chin augmentation. As we age, the body loses collagen and hyaluronic acid, which causes us to lose volume, skin elasticity, and facial structure. Many patients complain that they look “hollow” or gaunt, due to this volume loss, especially in the cheek area. This volume loss in the mid-face contributes to the skin sagging and the overall appearance of aging. When it comes to chin augmentation, Juvederm Voluma XC can be used to aid with chin projection for the perfectly contoured jawline. Patients who observe a “weak” or receding chin may find that the shape of their jawline keeps them from their ideal face shape. With Juvederm Voluma XC, Dr. Green can inject the filler deep into the chin to add definition and volume for an improved facial profile. In the past, the only option to correct age-related volume loss and augment the chin was with plastic surgery. Only a facelift would work to tighten the skin, lift the underlying tissue, and contour the face shape. Now, however, dermal filler volumizers have been introduced to give an “instant lift” to the skin and restore midface volume and provide a more youthful appearance, increasing the accessibility of total facial rejuvenation and eliminating downtime.

Juvederm Voluma XC for the chin

Juvederm Voluma XC was first approved for the cheek area to give an immediate lift to the cheeks. In June 2020, AbbVie labs (manufacturer of Allergan Aesthetics) announced that Juvederm Voluma XC had been approved by the FDA for chin augmentation. Despite this treatment gaining new office approval, Dr. Green has been utilizing Juvederm Voluma injections for effective augmentation of the chin area for years. Injecting a dermal filler such as Juvederm Voluma into the chin is especially beneficial for patients who may be at a point where they require a chin implant but may not be quite ready to undergo a cosmetic procedure as invasive as plastic surgery. Luckily, through the use of Juvederm Voluma and in fewer than just 15 minutes, patients can have a complete chin augmentation.

Chin augmentation with Juvederm Voluma injections will result in observing cosmetic results that are comparable to the effect of a chin implant without surgery or downtime. Generally, one to two syringes total of Juvederm Voluma would be needed to achieve an effect such as this. If a patient is interested in chin augmentation but may be in need of a substantially larger chin implant, it is still possible to produce similar results, although additional syringes of Juvederm Voluma dermal filler product would be needed. Depending on the facial anatomy of a patient and their desired results, Dr. Green may suggest a combination of dermal fillers to provide the best overall results. Dr. Green often utilizes a dermal filler product called Restylane Lyft to provide chin augmentation for her patients. Restylane Lyft is a similar dermal filler that can be used to augment the chin similarly. Adding volume to the chin area helps to balance a patient’s profile with excellent cosmetic results.

Juvederm Voluma – 2 weeks before and after

How is Juvederm Voluma XC unique from Juvederm Ultra Plus XC?

The Juvederm family of products has several different injectable products that are composed of hyaluronic acid gel in varying thicknesses. Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC are two of the dermal filler products in the Juvederm family, which are primarily used for treating areas of the face such as the nasolabial folds (also known as the laugh lines), as well as for injection for lip augmentation. Juvederm Volbella is a dermal filler product in the Juvederm family that was designed specifically to address ultra-fine lines around the mouth. Juvederm Vollure is a product that may be used in the nasolabial lines or in the marionette lines. Ultimately, the dermal filler product that works best for facial rejuvenation treatment in each patient will vary depending on factors such as facial anatomy and desired cosmetic outcome.

It is important to have your cosmetic injections with a medical professional who understands which dermal filler products are designed to be used in varying anatomical areas. An experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic injector, like Dr. Michele Green, will use an appropriate combination of injectables and often layer them to create a beautiful, natural-looking, more youthful appearance. Dr. Green has over 25 years of experience providing cosmetic injections for her patients and takes pride in taking the time required to learn the unique cosmetic goals and needs of each individual patient.

What is the difference between Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Voluma XC?

Many patients wonder about the difference between Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Voluma XC, and the answer is simple: the “XC” following the name of any Juvederm product indicates the presence of the anesthetic solution called lidocaine. XC stands for “extra comfort,” which means that the injectable was formulated with lidocaine to make the process more comfortable for the patient. Lidocaine can be found within the dermal filler itself to help increase patient comfort during the injection process, helping to numb the treatment area. Typically, when receiving an injection of Juvederm dermal fillers, the filler contains 0.3% lidocaine. To increase patient comfort even further, Dr. Green may apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area before the injections begin.

Can Juvederm Voluma be used for lips?

Each Juvederm product in the Juvederm family is designed for a different facial anatomical area. Juvederm Ultra Plus is the product within the Juvederm family of facial dermal fillers that is specifically designed for use in the lips. Juvederm Voluma XC is an amazing dermal filler product, but it is best used for providing volume in the cheeks, not the lips. Each injectable hyaluronic acid gel in the Juvederm family has a different structure and thickness that makes it optimal for use in a particular area of the face, and an experienced injector such as Dr. Green understands which product is most appropriate to use in each area of the face and body for total rejuvenation and phenomenal results.

S.G 1 Month Before and After Juvederm Voluma Cheeks 2 syringes RestylaneUnder the Eyes NL 1 syringe 1 MGWatermark

What to expect during a consultation for Juvederm Voluma Treatment

The importance of consultation before any cosmetic procedure can not be understated. During an initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your skincare concerns and identify potential solutions for which you are a candidate. The consultation is also necessary in order to review your complete medical history, surgical history, and current medication profile. Next, Dr. Green will review with you any previous cosmetic treatments that you may have done in the past, including dermal filler injections, laser treatments, and plastic surgery.

Photographs will be taken, both before and after the completion of your cosmetic procedure, for your private patient record. Dr. Green will discuss in-depth with you which facial features you would like to be corrected or enhanced. Achieving facial symmetry and providing rejuvenation is always the ultimate goal of any cosmetic procedure. A list of medications, vitamins, and supplements that increase one’s propensity for bruising will be given to you in order to avoid them for at least one week before your scheduled dermal filler appointment. Dr. Green will explain all of the treatments, including the number of syringes and the type of Juvederm dermal filler product needed. This way, it can be ensured that there is a thorough understanding of both the expectations for what kind of results can be achieved with your treatment as well as the prices for the complete treatment before the procedure is performed. You should schedule your treatment two weeks before any social event or special function in case you experience any bruising due to having treatment with dermal filler products.

Who is a good candidate for Juvederm Voluma injections?

Many patients have volume loss, which can be seen in patients as young as 30 or well into their 60s and 70s. Many younger patients want to restore and contour the cheek area for lift and better definition. Older patients, who have increased skin laxity and volume loss, usually require a greater amount of filler to be injected to replace this lost volume. Many patients do not want to undergo plastic surgery and find the results of dermal fillers, like Juvederm Voluma, natural, simple, and effective.

Is Juvederm Voluma XC painful?

No! Having Juvederm Voluma XC cosmetic injections is not a painful process. On the contrary! Juvederm Voluma XC is compounded with lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic – a medication that numbs the small area around where it is injected. This makes the procedure essentially painless for the patient. Although the Juvederm Voluma XC injectable gel is formulated with the numbing medication lidocaine, some people are particularly sensitive to having injections. For those who are concerned about their sensitivity to injections, ahead of your appointment for Juvederm Voluma XC (or other dermal fillers/ cosmetic injectables), Dr. Green can send a prescription for a topical lidocaine cream to the pharmacy of your choice. One hour prior to your scheduled appointment, apply a thick layer of the prescribed numbing cream to clean skin in all areas that are to be injected. Upon arrival at Dr. Green’s medical office located in the Upper East side of Manhattan, your numbing cream will be removed and your skin sterilized before the injections. Patients of Dr. Green’s note that the combination of applying a topical numbing cream before arriving at their appointment and the injectables being formulated with lidocaine makes the procedure very comfortable.

1 month before and after Juvederm Voluma

What can I expect during a Juvederm Voluma treatment?

First, your facial makeup will be thoroughly removed, and Dr. Green’s special topical anesthetic numbing cream will be applied 30 minutes prior to your injections. After 30 minutes, the treatment area is cleaned with alcohol and prepared for your cosmetic treatment. Dr. Green uses very small needles to inject the Juvederm Voluma, with a very gentle approach, to avoid any bruising or discomfort. Since other areas of the face may need injectables, you may choose to have Botox done for your forehead and crow’s feet, and Juvederm Ultra XC injected into your nasolabial folds during the same visit. After Dr. Green has completed your cosmetic injections, she may massage the treated areas to effectively distribute the product if necessary. Ice packs are applied to the treatment area immediately after completing the injections in order to soothe any swelling. Dr. Green will provide specific aftercare instructions for post-treatment on the day of your appointment, as they may vary slightly depending on the other cosmetic procedures which are performed at that time.

How long does it take for Juvederm Voluma to work?

Following the Juvederm Voluma injections, patients can observe the results only hours after receiving the treatment. The full effects of the treatment can take anywhere from one to three weeks to become visible, as it can take time for the filler to settle at the treatment site. Once the effects become visible, the treatment is long-lasting, as the hyaluronic acid filler also boosts the production of the proteins collagen and elastin. The natural production of collagen in the body also helps restore lost volume in the midface for results that can last even after the hyaluronic acid filler has been fully absorbed by the body.

How long does Juvederm Voluma last?

The original studies of Juvederm Voluma illustrated a longevity of over two and a half years. However, that study was based on using six syringes in the treating patient. Most patients often need one to three syringes injected into the cheeks for cheek augmentation. Juvederm Voluma typically lasts 9 months to a year from the date of treatment, with a maximum longevity of two years in duration. The longevity of the filler also depends on the treatment site. When used to restore lost volume to the cheeks, Juvederm Voluma can last for up to 2 years. When applied to the chin for chin augmentation, the treatment results can last for up to a year.

How long does Juvederm Voluma last in the cheeks?

Patients often wonder, how long does Voluma in cheeks last? Juvederm Voluma is one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers available on the market when used to restore volume loss in the cheeks. Results of Juvederm Voluma can be observed in the treatment site for up to 2 years post-treatment. The unique hyaluronic acid formulation of Juvederm Voluma promotes high retention of moisture for hydrated skin and supports natural proteins such as collagen and elastin for long-lasting results. As such, even following the absorption of the hyaluronic acid by the body, the production of collagen continues, maintaining a contoured, smooth, and youthful appearance to the mid-face.

How long does Juvederm Voluma XC last in the chin?

Juvederm Voluma is also approved to re-shape the chin for the ideal facial contour. The dermal filler is injected deeply into the chin to increase projection and augment the treatment area. When used to treat the chin, the effects of Juvederm Voluma last for up to a year. The Juvederm Voluma treatment for the chin can be repeated annually for continued results. When you consult Dr. Green, she will determine the chin augmentation treatment schedule that will best fit your needs and help you maintain the desired appearance over time.

How long does Juvederm Voluma last in the lips?

The Juvederm family consists of a variety of dermal fillers that each serve a different function based on the thickness or density of the filler itself. Juvederm Voluma is best used to restore lost volume to the midface and augment the chin. When it comes to the lips, the two best dermal fillers from the Juvederm line of fillers to use are Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Ultra XC. Juvederm Volbella is best used to augment the lips and to fill in the lines around the mouth, known as the lipstick lines or vertical lip lines. The results of Juvederm Volbella can last for up to a year. Similarly, Juvederm Ultra XC plumps the lips for a fuller pout. The results of Juvederm Ultra XC can last for up to one year as well.

Instructions post-treatment with Voluma – Is there any downtime?

Immediately after your cosmetic injections, Dr. Green places ice packs on the treated area to avoid any swelling of the area and unnecessary downtime. Juvederm does not generally require any recovery time, and, as such, you can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment. You will be instructed to continue refraining from any blood thinners, such as ibuprofen or multivitamins, for several days. Direct sunlight, saunas, and steam rooms should be avoided for the next two weeks to avoid additional swelling. No facial massage should also be performed for at least one week after your cosmetic injections. Dr. Green will ask you to return to the office two weeks after the procedure to take additional photographs, assess your results, and determine if additional fillers are needed.

What are the side effects of Juvederm Voluma?

The most common side effects are temporary redness, swelling, lumps, tenderness, discoloration, or bruising at the injection site. Even though a small needle is used to inject the product deep into the dermis, there can often be irritation at the injection site. Rare side effects of an allergic reaction to Juvederm have also been described. A rare ischemic event from an injectable filler has been documented from an injector unintentionally injecting Juvederm XC into a blood vessel. Juvederm dermal fillers should be avoided for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are Juvederm fillers safe?

The available members of the Juvederm family of fillers have all been FDA-approved to address the natural signs of aging and contour various areas of the face. When FDA approval is granted to a product, the US Food and Drug Administration has deemed it safe and effective for its intended purpose, and, as such, Juvederm fillers are very safe for use by an experienced injector. The risk of serious complications, such as infection, is rare. However, Juvederm fillers should be avoided by patients with a history of allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) or an allergy to lidocaine or the Gram-positive bacteria that can be found in the filler. During your initial consultation with Dr. Green, be sure to disclose your medical history, including any allergies. If you receive dermal fillers from an inexperienced injector, there is a risk that they would inject the filler into a blood vessel, which would result in very serious side effects, including blindness or other vision abnormalities, stroke, or permanent scarring. Be sure to thoroughly research your provider before scheduling an appointment to ensure you are receiving treatment from a board-certified and experienced practitioner.

Does Juvederm Voluma migrate?

The risk of Juvederm Voluma migrating is very low and decreases when you seek treatment from an experienced dermal filler injector. When you first receive the injectable treatment, Dr. Green will massage the treatment area to ensure that the filler reaches the correct location near the injection site. After that, Dr. Green cautions patients not to massage the treatment area so that the filler can settle properly. If there is ever an issue where too much filler has been used or has dispersed to other areas, hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm can be dissolved using a compound known as hyaluronidase.

How much is Juvederm Voluma?

Juvederm Voluma is a cosmetic facial filler and is not covered by any health insurance. It is a completely cosmetic procedure. The cost of all fillers depends on the type of filler used, the region of the country you are in, and the experience of the cosmetic injector. As a general rule, having the procedure done with a more experienced board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon will be more expensive than having the treatment done with a nurse injector. However, the risk of developing severe side effects, such as product migration, is much lower when you seek treatment from an experienced injector. Additionally, a cosmetic dermal filler product like Juvederm Voluma XC will be more expensive than Restylane®, since Juvederm Voluma lasts for a longer period of time than other injectable fillers.

Can you combine Juvederm Voluma XC with other procedures?

Many patients who have volume loss, dynamic wrinkles, and facial sagging choose to have other cosmetic procedures done at the same time as Juvederm Voluma injections. One of the most popular procedures that Dr. Green performs in her NYC office is Thermage® for skin tightening. Thermage is the gold standard for laser skin tightening and is used to encourage the production of new collagen in the skin with no downtime at all. Many patients choose to first have Thermage performed on areas that are most affected by skin laxities such as their face, the neck, and the jowls. A Thermage radiofrequency procedure takes approximately one hour to complete for a given treatment area. After completing a Thermage treatment, patients will proceed to have a topical numbing cream applied and, after half an hour, have their cosmetic injections performed. Juvederm Voluma injections can also be scheduled in the weeks following a Thermage procedure if not possible for the same day.

In terms of achieving total skin rejuvenation and addressing skin concerns such as sun spots, sun damage, redness, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation, many patients take advantage of the fact that they are already numb for their dermal injections and have Vbeam® laser treatment for rosacea, Fraxel® laser for pigmentation, fine lines, or sun damage, chemical peels for pigmentation or discoloration or microneedling with PRP for overall facial rejuvenation.

Patients who struggle with facial redness, pigmented acne scars, rosacea, surgical scars, and stretch marks alike may want to begin treatment with Vbeam laser for redness. Many individuals are unaware that overexposure to the sun can cause the permanent stretching of small blood vessels, making the skin appear red in color. The Vbeam laser is used to treat all forms of skin redness, including those that are associated with sun damage. The Vbeam laser releases a burst of light at a wavelength of 595 nanometers to target the red pigment in blood vessels. The energy is converted into heat in the skin and absorbed by the atoms that are responsible for the red color. As a result, the Vbeam laser does not interact with other parts of the skin and successfully treats redness associated with sun damage. There is no downtime involved with Vbeam, meaning that immediately upon completion of the procedure, you can carry on with regular daily activities. Dr. Green often performs Vbeam and Juvederm Voluma injections in the same appointment for her patients to provide them with a refreshed look.

Fraxel is the “Magic Eraser” and the gold standard treatment for improving skin tone and texture. Fraxel is often recommended for patients who suffer from the consequences of sun damage because it has the ability to target a myriad of skin issues. Fraxel provides total facial rejuvenation through the creation of controlled, microscopic wounds in the skin, produced via the application of highly concentrated and precise laser pulses. As the natural wound-healing process of the skin kicks in to repair these newly created wounds, collagen production in the skin increases, new skin cells start to grow, and signs of aging are reduced. Fraxel is used to treat an array of skin concerns, from sun spots and unwanted hyperpigmentation, fine lines and deep wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, enlarged pores, acne scars and surgical scars, and stretch marks. Fraxel can be combined with other skin rejuvenating procedures and delivers phenomenal results with almost no downtime. It’s best to have Fraxel treatment in the fall and winter since the laser can potentially make skin more photosensitive.

Botox is one of the most popular non-invasive injection treatments in the United States and is often combined with cosmetic injectables such as Juvederm Voluma in order to provide a more youthful appearance. It is well regarded for its use as a cosmetic treatment to erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face that are created by repeated facial expressions, also known as dynamic wrinkles. Botox and dermal fillers like Juvederm XC are both highly successful facial rejuvenation cosmetic treatments, but they do fulfill slightly different needs when it comes to restoring a more youthful appearance. In general, the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, as well as improved firmness and lift, will be successfully targeted through Botox injections. On the other hand, issues of fine lines and wrinkles which are not related to an active facial expression, as well as sagging and volume loss, are more optimally treated with a dermal filler product like Juvederm. When you work with Dr. Green, she can examine your current skin condition and medical history, discuss your individual needs and goals, and determine which treatment plan will be right for you.

JA 24 juvederm voluma 2s 1m FRONT MGWatermark

Voluma 2 syringes, 1 month before and after

Will one syringe of Juvederm make a difference?

Oftentimes, when patients undergo their first treatment with dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. Many patients ask Dr. Green whether or not a syringe or two will cause them to look drastically different or overfilled. Rest assured that when an expert injector performs your procedure, one to two syringes of dermal filler will produce a subtle and natural-looking cosmetic result. Dr. Green’s philosophy regarding cosmetic injectables has always been a less-is-more approach. Utilizing dermal fillers in a way that enhances a patient’s own natural beauty is Dr. Green’s area of expertise. Should you choose to have cosmetic treatment with Juvederm Voluma for the correction of age-related volume loss, you can expect to see some slight improvement with the injection of a single syringe. However, most patients who are looking to restore lost volume and create facial contour with Juvederm will need to have, at minimum, two syringes injected. The total number of syringes required to produce your desired cosmetic outcome will differ from that of other patients since no two individuals will experience collagen loss in exactly the same way. During your consultation with Dr. Green, you will have the opportunity to identify your primary areas of concern, and she will determine the number of syringes and the type of dermal filler product necessary to achieve your goals.

Where can Juvederm be injected?

Juvederm is a family of dermal filler products that are all composed of hyaluronic acid gel in varying thicknesses. Juvederm products can be injected into the skin in the face (cheeks, lips, marionette lines, nasolabial lines, and chin), neck, and jawline. The most appropriate Juvederm dermal filler product for treatment will vary depending on the skin concern to be addressed, the area which is being injected, and the facial anatomy of the patient.

What is Juvederm Voluma?

Juvederm Voluma XC is a volumizing injectable dermal filler product that is a part of the Juvederm family of dermal fillers. Juvederm Voluma XC is a clear, biodegradable, non-surgical hyaluronic acid gel filler that is designed to be injected into the cheeks and midface to provide volume restoration, create a subtle and natural-looking lifting and facial contouring effect, as well as improve overall skin laxity. Juvederm Voluma is composed of a crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel that is compounded with lidocaine, a local anesthetic. Juvederm Voluma XC injections can also be used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, making it a powerfully effective tool for overall facial rejuvenation.

SP botox juvederm vollure voluma ANGLER MGwatermark

Can Juvederm Voluma XC be combined with other dermal fillers?

Yes! For patients who are looking for a noninvasive approach to total facial rejuvenation without the need for any downtime, Dr. Green will often combine an array of dermal filler products during the same visit. This approach is possible and ideal since different dermal filler products are often better for treating an individual patient’s facial anatomy and features. For example, if a patient has significant underlying facial volume loss and skin laxity, Dr. Green may choose to utilize a dermal filler product such as Sculptra (composed of poly-L-lactic acid) in order to first rebuild collagen that has been lost deep under the dermis. Since it can take several weeks for Sculptra to take action and promote collagen growth, she will then layer Juvederm Voluma XC above the underlying Sculptra injections to produce an immediate lift. Dr. Green may also combine Juvederm Voluma with other newer products, such as Restylane Kysee, in some patients for lip enhancement.

In this way, Dr. Green can combine different brands of dermal fillers and varying dermal filler products to provide the best cosmetic results for each patient based on their facial structure and the cosmetic effect that they are after. During your consultation with Dr. Green in her boutique medical office located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, you will have the opportunity to discuss which potential combinations of dermal fillers would be best suited to you and your unique skin concerns and goals.

Can Juvederm Voluma injections be used for the treatment of acne scars?

Many patients have struggled with acne breakouts and, as a result, have acne scars that are due to considerable volume loss. Volume loss occurs because of damage done to the tissue caused by inflammation associated with active acne. As a consequence, patients may often present with a number of deep acne scars. In these cases, Juvederm Voluma XC is an excellent choice to replace this lost volume and fill in these deep acne scars. Juvederm Voluma XC can be injected and will effectively restore lost facial volume and acne-related collagen loss in just minutes. For smaller, more shallow scars, Dr. Green often uses Restylane dermal filler and injects the product directly into each individual acne scar. In this way, combining different injectable gel fillers can give you complete acne scar rejuvenation.

Why patients choose Dr. Green for their Juvederm Voluma XC treatments

Dr. Michele Green is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist with a background in aesthetics and art. As an artist, her approach to facial rejuvenation is to maintain and restore classic beauty. Dr. Green’s specialty is in non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation, with over two and a half decades of experience in providing the best cosmetic injections. She takes on a “less is more” philosophy regarding dermal fillers, which always yields beautiful, natural-looking, and long-lasting results. When you choose to work with Dr. Green to achieve facial rejuvenation, she will combine the best palette of dermal fillers to restore and enhance your own natural beauty. If you’re frustrated by volume loss and a sunken appearance where you used to have round, rosy cheeks, there’s finally a nonsurgical solution that can help.

Dr. Michele Green is an internationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist based in NYC with more than 25 years of experience in providing her patients with Botox, Juvederm injections, skin care, chemical peels, and skin resurfacing laser skin treatments. She is consistently recognized as one of the top physicians and dermatologists in New York City by Castle Connolly and New York Magazine. Dr. Green is at the forefront of cosmetic dermatology and will provide you with the best cosmetic treatment results. Contact us online today or call our NYC-based office at 212-535-3088 to learn more about whether using JUVÉDERM Voluma™ may be right for you.

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