Juvederm Lip Augmentation & Juvederm Volbella

The most common use of Juvederm is for lip augmentation. With news about Hollywood celebrity Kylie Jenner receiving Juvederm injections to create her fuller lips, the use of the procedure for lip augmentation has steadily increased in popularity over the past year.

Juvederm Before & After Photo

After one syringe of Juvederm

Over time, like with the cheeks and other areas, our face loses collagen and becomes thinner or more tired-looking as we age. With fuller lips providing a youthful look, it is important to find the right professional doctor with experience in Juvederm procedures for the lips. Dr. Michele Green is board certified, featured in New York Magazine’s “Best Doctor” issue, and has provided Juvederm treatments to thousands of patients. It is important that you consult an experienced, trained, board certified dermatologist, as many untrained doctors cannot delivery cosmetically elegant results.

During the procedure, there may be some swelling and discomfort, but the lip fillers typically last from 9 to 12 months before you need further injections. As with other injections, the procedure starts with a topical numbing cream applied for 30 minutes, the injections take only a few minutes and patients can resume normal activities immediately afterwards. These lip injections will help the looks appear fuller and more youthful. Choosing the right dermal filler and the amount of product needed will be discussed with Dr. Green before the procedure, during the consultation

The procedure can also be used for “evening” out lips, as a common scenario for patients who have asymmetric lips and one lip is much smaller than the other. Most lip injections will require just one or two syringes and the swelling usually subsides within a few days.

Temporary lip fillers like Juvederm can last up to a year, making it a great value over time. “Permanent lip fillers” are associated with many complications and discouraged by Dr. Green. With most treatments lasting close to a year, over three quarters of people surveyed experienced satisfaction with the look and feel of their lips 1 year later (source: Juvederm website) – in fact, after initial treatment procedures, patients needed less of the injection in order to get the results they wanted.

In addition to that, there are alternate options such as Restylane and Belotero. To find out which injection would work best for you, contact Dr. Michele Green and schedule an appointment in her NYC based office today.

Juvederm can also smooth out cheeks and other wrinkles or lines, ranging from frown lines to smile lines. Find out what other areas Juvederm can be used on.

Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella has recently been FDA approved and has been available since October 2016. Find out more about Juvederm Volbella here. Already available in some countries, Juvederm Volbella is a lip filler. It is like Juvederm Voluma in some ways, but specially designed with its patented Vycross technology for additional lift and a slightly longer lasting result (from 6 to 12 months on patients). Volbella contains less hyaluronic acid and has shown to reduce swelling versus previous versions of Juvederm. It also uses lidocaine and is formulated with an innovative combination of low and high molecular weight technology, which helps provide a smooth finish to a natural look and feel on your lips.

Juvederm Volbella Before & After Photo


After one syringe of Volbella

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

Dr. Michele Green is a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments including lip enhancement procedures. Find out more and contact us online or at 212 535 3088 to arrange an appointment.