Dr. Green Advises on Winter Wedding Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

Women’s website Livingly interviews Dr. Green about how to manage your skin for the wedding day.


“On the day of the wedding, you can apply a hydrating mask to give the skin a dewy complexion and do an Oxygen Facial to give a beautiful glow,” suggests dermatologist and RealSelf Contributor Dr. Michele S. Green.

“You can remove sun spots quick with a laser or chemical peels to exfoliate and renew the skin,” says Dr. Green. “Lasers such as the Fraxel, Clear & Brilliant, and Yag lasers are really popular to remove hyper-pigmentation and even out skin tone.”

But unlike facials and laser treatments, some treatments require quite some downtime, so naturally, there are treatments you should avoid before the big day.

She also discusses what treatments are better to do a few months ahead of time, since it take some time to see results. Fillers, for example, can take some time to heal, so it’s best to do such treatments, four weeks out. “It’s best not to do fillers during the week of, being that can cause bruising, especially under the eyes the week of the wedding,” adds Dr. Green.

Find out more and read the full interview at http://www.livingly.com/Beauty+Guide/articles/l6_79CdFl4G/Easy+Winter+Wedding+Beauty+Tips+Every+Bride