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Dr. Michele Green takes a closer look at various dermatology treatments. For instance, you can find out how Thermage works, details about laser skin treatments such as Fraxel, or info on what CoolSculpting is, all via our blog and get information from one of the best dermatologists in New York City.

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Natural-Looking Lip Filler

When it comes to the appearance of the lips, many people dream of achieving the perfect pout, with full, pillowy lips like those commonly seen on social media. A full lower lip with a perfectly sculpted upper lip to accentuate the Cupid’s bow and philtrum columns are often seen as the ideal characteristics of beautiful…

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Vertical Lip Lines

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and structure, making fine lines and wrinkles more visible. This can be particularly obvious on around the lips with the appearance of lip lines. Lip lines, also known as perioral lines, lipstick lines, or smoker’s lines, are vertical lines that appear on and around the…

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Russian Lip Technique for Lip Augmentation

Lip enhancement is one of the most popular treatments in Dr. Michele Green’s boutique NYC office. From models like Kylie Jenner to high-powered women-on-the-go, lip augmentation has become one of the best ways to create a luscious, perfect pout, providing a balanced focal point when it comes to facial contouring. Creating the perfect lip shape,…

PS 40yr juvederm ultra plus

The Best Lip Fillers in NYC: Before and After Photos

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world today is that of lip enhancement. From Kylie Jenner to high-powered New York execs, lip augmentation has allowed patients to reduce the appearance of aging and improve the fullness of their lips. Non-invasive treatments like lip fillers can create a luscious pout without the need…

How Long Do Juvéderm Lip Fillers Last?

Juvéderm offers a wide range of injectable treatment options that can be customized to your individual needs. They are designed to give you a smoother appearance, whether you want subtle volume or a little extra volume. Juvéderm fillers are FDA approved, nonsurgical treatments that provide instant and long-lasting results while giving you a natural look….

How To Avoid Botched Lip Fillers

Why do so many people suffer from botched fillers? Even celebrities such as the beautiful Kylie Jenner have come forward to tell their stories of botched cosmetic injections. In July of 2018 Kylie revealed on Instagram that she was dissolving her famous Juvederm lips. When Kylie Jenner revealed on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” that…

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