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A lot happens over the years, accomplishments, changes, some more welcome than others.  But as noted in Huff Post today – When random chin hairs sprout out of nowhere, it’s normal to wonder why — and what you can do about it. As Dr. Michele Green explains in the article the cause is due to androgens — a group of hormones that include testosterone — interacting with hair follicles and activate them to produce terminal hair, or hair that is longer, thicker and more deeply rooted, like beard hair. Facial hair often correlates with the decrease in estrogen in females.

One way to remove unwanted chin hairs is “laser hair removal where Dr. Green mentions how “the laser emits a specific wavelength that targets the hair follicle’s pigment or melanin. With current advancements in technology, lasers can safely treat all skin tones and hair colors except gray and white, which do not contain melanin for the laser to detect.”

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Genetics is a key part too – “Hair follicles are unique, and their sensitivity to androgens differs per individual,” Dr. Green said. “A person is more likely to grow chin hair if other women in their family also have chin hair.” Find out more and read the full article at Huff Post – “Here’s Why You Get Crazy Chin Hairs As You Get Older

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