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NY Times Discuss The Current Trend Of At Home Face Lifts

In recent times, at-home beauty treatments have become very popular. While many of the things you can do at home can be beneficial, there has been a trend of ‘at-home’ face lifts. This raises the question, can you actually carry out a face lift at home?

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The New York Times has talked to leading dermatologists including Dr. Michele Green to find out more about the new trend of at-home face lifts, and to find out if this is a viable treatment (spoiler alert- dermatologists say no). Aside from an at-home face lift, The New York Times has also looked into popular beauty products and treatments that dermatologists say you can carry out in your own home.

Take a look at the article, “Can You Give Yourself an At-Home Face-Lift?” at the New York Times web site, here: (update – was also featured on their homepage May 2023)

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