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Summer is in the air, and this also means days out in the sun, where one should remember to put on sunscreen with high SPF.  However one common omission is the scalp. Sun damage such as sun spots, or more seriously, skin patches and raised bumps can occur there via overexposure to the sun. “You can look at your scalp and see if there’s anything, like a sore, that’s not healing,” Dr. Green says in the article at Women’s Health Magazine titled 10 Best Scalp Sunscreens In 2023 To Protect Your Head, Per A Dermatologist And Reviews

On this article, you’ll find a wide range of options for sunscreen, “you can use any sunscreen that you would use on your skin—mineral or chemical—on your scalp,” says Michele Green, MD, and ideally at 50 SPF or higher.  But any sunscreen is better than none. “The scalp is at high risk for sun exposure because it is directly facing the sun,” she told Women’s Health. “If there is no hair on the scalp, it is extra important to protect it with sunscreen or a UV-protective hat.”

summer sun - image source pexels

She also talks about what ingredients to look for and what types to look at getting, for example, a powder or mist sunscreen is probably easiest to apply if you have hair on your scalp. However, if you burn easily or don’t have hair, a cream would provide better coverage.  And of course, you should apply sunscreen any time your head is getting some sunshine (read: probably every day). “Daily protection is important because sun damage accumulates over time,” Dr. Green tells Women’s Health Magazine. “A little sun exposure each day will build up and eventually cause visible signs of sun damage.”

And watch out for water and the need to re-apply.  Aim to re-apply every 90 mins, especially if getting in water.  View this and other summer skin care tips here.

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