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Whole Body Deodorants and Advice from Dr. Green on Very Well Health

While they do not prevent sweat, whole-body deodorants are thought to be safe and, generally speaking, effective. That said, in today’s article (Whole-Body Deodorants: What Dermatologists Want You to Know Before Trying These Products) from Very Well Health. Dr. Green notes that one “should not use these products all over the body at the same time,” since “sweat is a normal body secretion used to cool the body when body temperature increases, and if sweat production is over-inhibited with deodorant usage, the body can potentially overheat.”

She also talks about what to look out for such as fragances and parabens which may trigger irritation and allergies, and instead make sure they include sodium bicarbonate, corn starch and certain oils which contain antibacterial properties to destroy surface bacteria and eliminate odors.

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