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Can You Work Out After Getting a Tattoo? Peloton Asks Dr. Green

After getting a new tattoo, you may want to return to routine fast. A common question is can one work out after. Unfortunately you should wait a couple days at the least before starting, and start slow though. “A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 48 hours after getting a tattoo before engaging in any physical activity,” shares board-certified, New York City-based cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, MD, in the article at One Peloton today.

The stretching and sweating can cause issues, since exercising too soon after getting inked can heighten the risk of infection, irritation, and premature tattoo fading for several reasons as Dr. Green noted in the piece. “Low-intensity resistance training that will not break a sweat can be OK as long as the workout does not involve the tattooed area,” for instance leg workouts should be avoided if the tattoo is in that area, because sweat can affect it. It also depends on the workout, for instance “swimming should be avoided for at least two weeks following a new tattoo,” Dr. Green says.

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