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Experts Discuss The Use of Coconut Oil for Hair, Men’s Health Magazine

Coconut oil can reduce several hair and scalp issues such as hair damage, reducing frizz and dry, itchy scalp.  While environments can stress your hair due to sunlight, smoke, pollution and more, applying coconut oil can be a great place to start. It “penetrates the hair shaft and protects the hair from protein loss to reduce hair damage,” says Dr. Michele Green, in the Men’s Health article.

She also talks about the all-natural solution for treating dandruff. “Coconut oil is great for repairing the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which is beneficial for those experiencing dandruff or dry, itchy scalps,” Green says.  However, there are risks for overusing it too, since “while coconut oil can be great for preventing hair damage, buildup can lead to clogged pores and irritation at the scalp.”

hot oil for hair

Find out this and more in “How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair, According to a Dermatologist and Hair Experts

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