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What is Subclinical Acne? Dermatology Treatment & Causes

Dr. Michele Green speaks with Jandra Sutton and in the article “Subclinical Acne Is The Worst – Here’s How to Handle It.”

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But what is Subclinical Acne?

“Subclinical acne is superficial acne that is just below the skin,” says Michele Green, M.D. It shows often in the form of forehead bumps and can be a precursor to regular acne. Subclinical, which means “not detectable,” is “also known as comedonal acne, it’s caused by hormones, genetics, and clogged pores from dead skin, dirt, and bacteria.”

Good hygiene and skin care products are a part of the solution, but read the article on Greatist at or book an appointment today with Dr. Green to find out more information on how to treat subclinical acne and how to prevent it in the first place.

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