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Study on Psoriasis Relapse Combines Ustekinumab and Abatacept

medpage today

Medpage Today did a recent article about “Two-Drug Regimen Fails to Stem Psoriasis Relapse” which featured Dr. Michele Green. It featured a study that looked at psoriasis and various treatments.

Dr. Green noted that “Abatacept can work well in a subset of patients with psoriasis when other agents fail. It was a good idea to try and combine two agents such as ustekinumab and abatacept as they did in the study.”

“Unfortunately combining these two agents did not have any meaningful benefit for the psoriatic patients,” said Green. “I do believe that there is a subset of patients who would benefit from two agents rather than one, but it may be trial and error in finding the best combination of treatment for this autoimmune disease.”

Find out the full results of the study at:

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