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Treating Under Eye Wrinkles & Lines – Quoted in

“Our skin naturally loses collagen and elastin with age, which are important proteins in the skin that provide structure and elasticity,” Dr. Green says on this week on an article titled “Every 30-Something Should Start Using This to Prevent Under-Eye Fine Lines and Wrinkles.” She and other dermatologists talk about the ways in which one’s skin loses the ability to bounce back and becomes dull, thin, and loose, which forms wrinkles in various parts of the face such as the delicate eye area. Common culprits beyond aging, tend to be genetic, but also smoking and sun damage are a cause of this. In some cases, even pushing your face against your pillow on a regular basis while sleeping can contribute to wrinkle development.

woman eyelash

She also talks about her top picks for eye creams such as First Aid Beauty Hydrating Eye Cream – you can view the whole list at and answers the common question of “When Should You Start Using an Eye Cream for “Wrinkles?

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