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BackEmbrace Asks Dr. Green About Tech Neck Wrinkles

BackEmbrace look into what is tech neck, it’s causes, symptoms and how to fix it in their article “How to Fix Tech Neck, According to Doctors”. Tech neck happens when the head leans forward when using phones and computers resulting in poor posture. As well as upper back pain and stiffness in the neck, tech neck can also cause wrinkles.

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Dr. Green states “In the world of dermatology, tech neck is a phrase that refers to the fine lines and wrinkles that form around the neck and are caused by repeatedly looking downward at technology, like our phones”. Along with improving your posture through yoga, massage and stretches to avoid tech neck, Dr. Green assesses the best non-invasive treatments for tech neck wrinkles. These include Botox, Sculptra, Thermage and Retinol.

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