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You might have come across the use of Hyaluronic acid on the face to keep your skin looking healthy, but you might not be aware that there are now products containing Hyaluronic acid that can be used in your hair care routine. The question is how do these products work and what benefits do they bring to hair care?

Dr. Green notes in today that chemically treated hair  “…often manifests in frizz, stray hairs, split ends, or dandruff. Hyaluronic acid can help [with these conditions] by trapping moisture within the hair, giving it a smoother and softer appearance.”

hair loss and covid 19

Learn more on how Hyaluronic acid can be used in your hair care routine in this article from Bustle featuring Dr. Green. Read the article, “Hyaluronic Acid Hair Care Is Here To Rescue Your Dry Strands

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