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good housekeeping

Dr. Michele Green discusses “Baby Foot” with Good Housekeeping. Its the latest trend in foot care and foot callus treatment, but is it legit? And first of all, what is even in it? For example: Baby Foot’s site says it contains “17 types of natural extracts,” but “they do not list the ingredients on their site, which is a bit odd,” says our New York City dermatologist and RealSelf contributor.

“‘Naturally exfoliating’ could be anything from sugar to salt to papaya or avocado, but again, since the ingredients aren’t on their site, it is difficult to interpret.” And something to remember on this and all similar products: The term “natural” doesn’t actually mean anything, legally speaking.

Find more about Baby Foot and the Foot Peel trend, and get a dermatologists point of view at –

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