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Dandruff Scraping Videos – Not Recommended By Dermatologists

One current trend in YouTube videos and social media is Dandruff Scraping as well as using various tools such as a metal oral care hook. But does all the scraping and scratching work for removing one’s dandruff.

“I do not recommend using the tool as seen in the video,” says Dr. Michele Green, M.D in an interview with Self Magazine. “You should not force the flakes from the scalp, as this can cause trauma to your scalp.” Scraping could cause additional inflammation, bleeding and scabbing, and hair loss for instance.

“In extreme cases, as in the videos, prescriptions such as Nizoral shampoo three times weekly in addition to Temovate scalp solution would be required to control the excess sebum build up,” says Green. Temovarate is a topical steroid that can be mixed with olive oil and used as a nightly treatment to get severe flakes under control.

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