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Bustle looked at “8 Gross & Scary Things That Can Happen To Your Body When You Spend Too Much Time In Air Conditioning” and one of them is dry skin.

“Because air conditioning takes moisture from the air it can make the skin excessively dry if over exposed,” dermatologist Dr. Michele Green tells Bustle. “Due to the lack of moisture in the air, although it may feel cool, you can also experience headaches, feelings of dehydration as well as dry eyes. It is important to drink plenty of water, use products on your skin which will penetrate the dermis, retain moisture and if you experience dry eyes use artificial tears.”

Air conditioning can also cause other ailments, from joint pain to bacterial exposure, and can also make allergies easier to trigger.

Read the full list of the things that can happen to your body when you spend too much time in air conditioned places at –

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