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What is the best Pillowcase material for your skin?

What is the best material for your pillowcase? Dr. Green discusses this with NY Mag and looked at various pillow brands such as the “Déjà Pillowcase” or the “Lacoste Solid Washed Cotton Percale 300-Thread-Count Pillowcases” along with the natural “Nawrap Woven Japanese Pillowcases.”

Cotton pillowcases can work well for preventing pimples. Dr. Green says, “Cotton is best if you are acne-prone, as it will absorb moisture, reducing sebum buildup, which will minimize acne breakouts.”

The Charcoal infused pillows from Nawrap are also a good idea, “Charcoal-infused pillows are naturally antibacterial, which is also beneficial if you are acne-prone,” says Dr. Green.

Still, regardless of which type of pillowcase, make sure to change the case weekly and wash the pillow every 3 months. If you have oily or acne prone skin, you may need to do this even more frequently – as well as keeping a healthy skin care regime overall.

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