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Dealing With Boob Sweat & Under Breast Sweat in the Summer

What’s the cause for under breast sweat in the summer and how can you combat it? Dr. Green discussed this with Hello Giggles today in “How to deal with the misery that is boob sweat.”

For instance, Why does boob sweat happen? Well, skin on skin is certainly a culprit, and the summer heat can also lead to chafing thanks to all that added moisture.

Dr. Michele Green mentions that hormonal factors can result in excess sweating, and to “check with your doctor if you’re perspiring more than usual, develop a rash, or notice your boob sweat has an odor to it.”

And while a newly approved FDA-approved prescription called Qbrexza becomes available October 2018 – which aims to reduce sweating in the sweat glands, the best way to naturally prevent it though is to wear a properly fitting bra.

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